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 Earth (Nature) Magic

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PostSubject: Earth (Nature) Magic   Mon May 20, 2013 1:58 pm

Earth Magic:
The mighty god of Earth Molbaine offers up the very ground of Ansgar for you to topple the enemies in your path with a plethora of earth manipulation and quake spells. And powerful Golem familars to aid you in combat.

-Mountain in Arms
This spell calls forth the powers of the mighty Molbaine to bring the earth to your aid. The magic forms a 15ft golem of a design which suits the caster's unique personality that can be maintained for a full 6 hours!. The golem is intelligent..albeit grumpy and will help the caster fight off and crush any and all opposition. A great bonus is the rock companion is resistant to hostile magic. a truly great ally but is heavy on the mana to cast

-Ansgar Tremble
This spell shakes the very plates of earth beneath your feet lightly causing uneven footing and at really high levels can simulate and actual high level earthquake! great for causing a uproar

-Sever Geyser
This mighty spell creates a split in the earth which forms a small canyon exploding at the targets feet and causing them to fall into the earth itself.

The anger of Molbaine is displayed in this harsh spell which allows the caster to flip the very top layer of rock over upon their foes like a fold up carpet

-Anger of Ansgar
The caster folds up the earth around a specific target to crush it inwards simulating the very ground itself swallowing your foe.

-Granite Hauberk
Molbaines protecting nature can be summoned to create a field of large rocks which float around the mage to protect him from projectile or physical attacks. visually the caster looks very threatening as well.

A smaller scale attack spell which raises a large rock pillar before the caster which they can magically break apart to shoot the fragments at multiple foes in a chaotic flurry.

-Nature's gift
Calls upon the earth itself to reveal special herbs or food locations in nature to a mage

- Armor of immortal Ansgar
The caster or target is covered in magical earth armor which is weightless for him/her! It is visually armor shaped out of crude but sturdy rocks. This spell provides powerful and simple protection against many physical attacks
but it won't gain you any rewards for looking stylish.

-Molbaines Guidance
A simple nature based spell which infuses nature with the energy of the earth god. It helps plants and herbs grow and recover...and even help creatures who are ill feel better a multipurpose small spell of creation
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Earth (Nature) Magic
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