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 Wind Magic

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PostSubject: Wind Magic   Mon May 20, 2013 1:56 pm


Wind Magic:
Furia Commands the very elements through chaotic wind. Powerful magic that can topple towns, slice opposition, and grant one the power of flight. and even protect through shielding.
-Wind guillotine
Using the wind to create blades of air that slash your foes to ribbons. The more skilled the magic user the higher level of damage you can inflict on a target.

-Wings of Furia
Through control of the wind a mage can fly through the lands of Ansgar. the higher the level the better the speeds and altitudes as well as length of time in flight can be maintained....only skilled wind mages may cast other spells while flying.

-Chaos of Nature
using Furias magic a mage can create a tornado to wreak havoc upon an area. More skilled versions of this spell allow bigger tornados to be conjured or even multiple small ones in a powerful storm!. The downside to this spell beside being impossible to control is that the mage needs a large amount of skill in wind magic to even cast it. and the tornados can only be maintained for 10mins at most.

-Furia Unleashed (ritual)
through a long and draining ritual which lasts a day a supremely powerful magi may envoke Furias powerful energies to call forth a hurricane! which lasts until the incredible force of nature dies down. such a spell could be called nothing less than terrorism.

-Guillotine blade
A spell which enchants the casters weapon with the wind element allowing it to shoot wind blade projectiles as it is used in combat

using Furias wind magic a mage may float above the ground and hover also the spell makes the weight of all the caster carries to seem like nothing.. a great way to travel!

A spell which creates a quick and powerful gust of wind with the intent of knocking foes in the near vicinity off their feet. This spell may alternatively be used to blast groups of enemies upwards in its more powerful stages

-Storm frenzy
A attack spell which shoots many tiny wind funnels in a random pattern at a target though not a heavy damaging attack it is great for throwing foes off balance

-Blessings of the wind
A magical wind the caster calls forth increasing the moral of the caster and his/her allies.. as well as fills the enemies with fear and dread of defeat as they hear screams Furia's wind.

-Furias Einherjar
A basic wind manipulation spell which allows the caster to use and move most small objects with the wind and even use them as projectiles through the same magic. A great spell which to throw knives and other projectiles with.

-Wind clairvoyence
using the wind a mage may hear conversations of parties of individuals 5km away! it is an amazing spell to plan attacks on ususpecting foes.

-Shield orb (Wind sphere)
This spell creates a simplistic shield out of wind for the caster to use to deflect magic and physical attacks. The amount of mental concentration used to maintain the shield as well as the force of the opposition against it allows the mage to block many attacks. A great spell shield for magician's of all skill levels.
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Wind Magic
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