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 Kurt Rawson

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Kurt Rawson

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PostSubject: Kurt Rawson    Mon May 27, 2013 11:30 am

Rawson, Kurt


Player Character

Name:Kurt Rawson
Nickname: Dr. C. Niall DeMencha, Sir E. Brum, Emmsey Squire.
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 17
Real Age: 15
Personality:Kurt is basically kind and fun to hang around with, and is very kind, but due to his sudden appearance into this universe, at times he thinks of most people as imaginary, and often acts as if they do not exist. He can at times be silent for hours, days, even weeks if he needs to, but his mind is constantly at work, thinking and humoring his paranoia. He is very paranoid due to his experiences in the other universe, but not to a great extent, but at times will think that everyone is mocking him, even when they are not.

Kurt despises evil, as he has been bullied a lot and he didn't want to fight back, but here, he will do absolutely anything in his power to obliterate evil.

Appearance: Kurt is a six foot four inch tall teenager, with black hair and light brown eyes. He is slim and of medium build, with slightly broad shoulders, and two slightly elvish ears with a pinna. His hair is short. He does not really bother about what he is wearing, as long as he is decently clothed.

Social Affiliation
Character Type/Race:Human
Country if Applicable:-

Character Statistics

Strength: 6
Speed: 4
Mental Endurance:3
Mana Source : 3
Magical Power: 4

Character History
Background: Kurt was born under a different name, and lived in a parallel universe, where from birth he was recognized as a boy who's intelligence was way beyond that of others of his age. When his classmates were learning the alphabets, he had already started reading books generally read by people three years above his age. Unfortunately, this intelligence made him arrogant, and made him feel that he was superior to everyone else of his age, although he was a kind guy who would do anything to help a fellow human. Unfortunately, nobody really understood him, and people thought that his arrogance defined him, a fact that made him the official punching bag of every single school he was in. His only solace was books, and he would read every single book he could lay his hand on. As a result, he had understood Einstein's theory of Relativity by the time he was 8, and by the time he was 15, he had found a solution to Achilles' paradox within 72 hours of first hearing about it.

In time, his arrogance had diminished, but to no avail. Even though he wanted to have friends in his school, he would have none, as none of the kids in his class would want to be friends with a weird person like him. This fact made him feel that Justice did not exist, and Karma was just a stupid ideology which never worked. All until he finally matured, and understood that perhaps he was not created to have friends, or to be one of the jocks in life, but he had something greater planned for him. However, he was still sick of waiting for this "greater plan" which was made for him, so all he wished for was to start over again, and hoped that he could forge a new identity for himself, with all his strengths and none of the flaws, which would finally make him the person he always dreamt of being.

Visualization is a powerful thing. One fine day, he woke up to find himself in a strange land, in a house he had never even seen. He walked out, to find himself in a different place altogether. He ran to his mirror, and saw that he was the person he had always dreamt of being. Finally, he had a chance to start over. And he would create a new identity for himself. He selected the first name of his favorite character from his favorite comic book series, and using acronyms of various other things, created a new name for himself. He finally had the chance to live the perfect life, and he would make sure not to ruin it.

In due time he understood that he had superpowers too, and decided to put them to good use. He had always been teased and troubled by bullies, but he had never fought back, as he had believed that evil cannot be destroyed by force itself. Now, since he had new powers, he decided that he would try to destroy evil by both reason and force.

His goal was to make Ansgar a Heaven, and make himself respected here, and nothing would get in his way. But soon, he realized that he did not live in this universe alone. When he slept here, he would wake up in his original universe, and when he slept there, he would wake up in Ansgar, and it would seem like no time had passed here, save a few nanoseconds. Now, he was even more determined to improve both is lives, using his experiences in Ansgar to help him in his original universe, and learning from his mistakes in his original universe  and avoid making them in Ansgar. He would have not one, but two perfect lives.

Family History: -

Family Crest:-

Family Members:-

Miscellaneous First part is a true story. Just wanted to make a non-cliched character.

Alternate Profiles: None.

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PostSubject: Re: Kurt Rawson    Mon May 27, 2013 6:51 pm

interesting concept bro~! im letting ya in but all combat will be temporarily on story based telling to start with till i finish doing the guide i just think people want the chance to get in there and rp XD

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Kurt Rawson
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