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 Basic list

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PostSubject: Basic list   Mon May 20, 2013 1:55 pm

This is to be an ongoing tome of created magic spells for the world of Ansgar. It will be broken down into several simple sections to help players quickly reference spells for ease of use in the rpg.

The magic in this world is usually setup to belong in the category which derives the source of the energy used to cast it... usually a god/goddess pertaining to that element or the spells purpose. Not all magic uses the energy of the gods however.. some uses the sources of the very souls around them... magical runes , the casters very own Ki or life energy... or in some cases blood. Many more methods of spell casting do well as sources to create the effect.

Spell creation!!!
Once again players are encouraged to be creative.. you can use god/ goddess empowered spells as inspiration but also in the Rifts/ Slayers universe there are tons of examples of spells you can use to help you design your own! just pm for approval and once given the ok your golden! I created a whole bunch of sample spells for players to use or to be inspired to create your own spells , spell casting methods or even categories!

The basic magic sections are as follows ((you are not limited to these, this is just in place to help you learn how spells may function and to give inspiration for your own magic. Each "category" is a link and will direct you to a thread that will explain the spells listed if you are interested in equipping the same spell or looking for ideas))

Black Magic (Darkness):

Often associated with the Goddess of Darkness Xyleth most spells call forth upon her powers and energies to commit atrocities, raise the dead and summon other evils, Curse others , manipulate Darkness and similar effects.
-Shadow Snare
-Black Hand
-The Black Road(Shadow walk)
-Xyleth's Kiss
-Shadow Form
-Summon Nightshade
-Oblivion Dance
-Call Forth Nightwalker
-Macabre Call
-Lance of Darkness
-Night's Rebirth
-Void Dawn
-Vile Wind or Death Cloud
-Obsidian End
Death Magic (Necromancy):

Even black mages have their limits. Those that tread beyond those limits are known as Death Mages or necromancers. Rare in this world...and hunted and feared these anarchists use their unholy talents to attain true understanding of life and death...and take control over it. An unknown god or goddess governs this dark category with Xyleth.
-Mold/Meld Bone
-Curse to hell and back
-Wear the face of another
-Object read the dead
-Augmentation with additional appendages
-Transfer life force
-Grip of Death
-Oblivions Embrace: (Aura)
-Bone Wall:
-Mortal Veil : Aura
-Spiritual unravel
-Chaos legion: (Greater undead)
-Summon Wraiths:
-Abomination: (zombie construct required)
-Arise The Fallen: (Ritual)
-True Resurrection
-Soul Protector:
-Soul Destroyer
-Death's Pillar (legendary necromancy spell)
-Dark Awakening
White Magic(Holy):

A powerful category guided by two of the purest gods in Ansgar; ROR and Ucelle. It is a healthy complement of spells designed to both heal and empower as well as vanquish evil. Devine magic can help a mage cure diseases, poisons, and hexes! May the holy light of ROR obliterate the injustice of Ansgar with his beams of justice!!
-Light of ROR
-Ucelles Light
-Smile of the love goddess
-Ucelles Hymn (required to sing)
-Star light
-Banish Evil ( Roar of the lion god)
-Divine Refuge
-Judgement of the lion
-Evil bane Arrow
-Holy Essence (divine armor)
-Ucelles embrace
-Breath of Ucelle
-Pride of the lion
-Call Forth the Divine
-Holy fist of Justice!
Spirit Magic (Shamanistic):

A category which has no real god or goddess to govern it; it relies mostly on a casters spirit energy or the energy of souls around him The spells created have all been designed to further ones connection to the spirit realm. It gives them the ability to travel in it, summon spirits, and detect unnatural disturbances in the spiritual energies. It is a useful and under appreciated category.
-Afterlife Aura
-Spiritual shield
-Spirit Disrupt
-Soul Divider
-Rift Blade
-Spirit Ray
-Call the dead (Ritual)
-Spirit Wall
-Sense Souls
-Spirit Assault
Lightning Magic:[/ur;]

As Fast and as deadly as Turpar's (the lightning god) bad attitude, lightning magic is as powerful as it is quick. ((The rest is fairly self-explanatory))

-Shock orb
-Turpars Summit
-Lightning Grasp
-Wings of Thunder
-Storm of the Thundergod
-Thunder Blade
-Pulse Bolt
[url=http://]Fire Magic:

It's as wild and hard to control as the Fire Goddess that governs this magic. This category's colossal destructive spells share a patron, the unstoppable destroyer god, Galgamorth. Magic of the flame element is truly powerful..but it can come with great price as the heart of fire is wild and barely tamable, proceed with caution.
-Fists of the Fury goddess
-Death Geyser
-Volvagia's Rage
-Crimson Destruction
-Wall of Defiance
-Anarchy Horn
-Lava speaker
-Desolation Cannon
-Fire spike
Water Magic:
Naune, the water goddess, governs this magic. She will give the worthy magician her power in order to aid him/ her in their endeavors. Water magic also has some healing potential. Animals of the sea may also be summoned to heed your call.
-Laceration spring
-Hope Bubble
-Sea judgement
-Blessings of Naune
-Raging ocean
-Call of the deep
Ice Magic:
Naune reveals her chaotic side, offering an arsenal of spells controlling the frozen element of water. Offensive magic designed to impale, crush enchant weapon, and much more
-Barren Collapse
-Ice bolt
-Mirror fall
-Ice spike
-Naunes diamond
-Breath of Naunes Vengeance
-Crystaline vision
Earth Magic:

The mighty god of Earth, Molbaine, offers up the very ground of Ansgar for you to topple the enemies in your path with a plethora of earth manipulation and quake spells. And powerful Golem familars to aid you in combat.
-Mountain in Arms
-Ansgar Tremble
-Sever Geyser
-Anger of Ansgar
-Granite Hauberk
-Nature's gift
-Armor of immortal Ansgar
-Molbaines Guidance
Wind Magic:

Furia Commands the very elements through chaotic wind. Powerful magic that can topple towns, slice opposition, and grant one the power of flight. Endless possibilities arise from this magic.
-Wind guillotine
-Wings of Furia
-Chaos of Nature
-Furia Unleashed (ritual)
-Guillotine blade
-Storm frenzy
-Blessings of the wind
-Furias Einherjar
-Wind clairvoyence
-Shield orb (Wind sphere)
Alteration Magic:

This category of Magic refers to the WIDE variety of magic created by the races of Ansgar which do not pertain to elements but have Unique abilities and purposes. Anything from magically picking a lock, summoning self styled magic armor or weapons, altering ones ability such as strength, speed , etc and cloaking, charming others only to name a small few ...
-Detect Magic
-Detect Life
-Open lock
-Force push
-Night vision
-See the invisible
-Sense Danger
-Magic Tongue
-Enhance Strength
-Enhance Speed
-Summon Animal
-Summon Fog
-Magic Circle (ward)
-Create Magic scroll
- Summon Magic Armor
-Summon Magic Weapon
-Flash strike
-Create Golem (Ritual)
Blood Magic:

An ancient type of magic which uses the casters blood as a source not powered by the gods... it is nearly forgotten to the world... powerful and Terrible weapons of blood, familiars and other dark secrets
-Vein Scythe
-Crimson Joining.(blood heal)
-Blood Sworn
-Blood Tremor
-Weakest kin (Aura)
-Corpse Explosion
-Infectious thought
-Power of One
Ki ( life force energy)

A type of Arcana which focuses on ones only essence or Ki energy. Though the skills in this category are not as outwardly destructive as other magic categories it is still powerful if mastered; it often requiring years of training and drains both physical and mental energy to use. Great for Hand to hand combat fighters.
-Sense Ki
-Aura push
-Ki Blast
-Radiate Ki Aura
-Ki Meditation
-Ki Field
-Weapon Channel
Bio-Magic (Creation Magic):

A widely debated use of magic that involves manipulation and creation of organic materials such as Chimera's familiars or supernatural monsters. Items as unique as soul linked weapons or magical servants that are 100% faithful to their creator. It is a powerful and feared type of arcana magic said to have roots within Draxia. This magic and all who use it is shunned by the gods as it mocks their own creations. It is often confused with blood magic
-Create Homunculus(Ritual)
-Create Chimera (Ritual)
-Create Bound Familiar *Soul Avatar*(Ritual)
-Create Soul Bound Weapon (Ritual)
-Bio Regeneration
Rune Magic:

Ancient and rare in the world of Lorccan, this magic uses special stones called runes. These magnificent runes contain the power of the god/goddesses and their elements. This magic has the benefit of not needing mana! Rune mages use runes to quickly cast spells or magically enchant weapons or armor. Alternatively, skilled rune mages may cast simplistic offensive or defensive spells by drawing magical symbols into the ground during combat or even using magical Tattoos! it is a type of casting usually used by Mages who are more fighters then spell casters. This type of magic has origins in the Mighty Dwarven kingdom of Hammerstad.
-Create Rune (Ritual)
-Create Rune Weapon (Ritual)
-Symbol Casting (Tattoo magic)
Tarot Card Gagic

More Rare then Rune magic but far newer to the world of Ansgar is Tarot Card magic. Mages imbue simplistic arcana into cards and cast their spells through them. The effects can call upon the gods/goddesses for elemental/spiritual magic or target your opponents or allies with various effects to help bolster strength and magical ability or curse with silence and other status abnormalities. The cards can be used a total of 2-3 times a day then will have to regain their magical power overnight. The up side is this type of spellcasting also costs no mana from the mage but the power of the spells which can be used is limited. There are many cards and casters will often carry a whole deck with different spells and effects to aid them in battle. A mischievous type of magic used by trickster mages and thieves.

((Since all cards will be custom made by the caster there is little point in posting even sample ones for the time being these cards can be created by a player and approved by a mod for use in game))
Song Magic:

Song magic is a type of casting that is difficult to master as it relies on the skill of the mage's own voice. He or She must sing or perform songs and chants gracefully for the magic to work. Often used by Bards..and battle priestesses in war to bolster parties moral and abilities while cursing and demoralizing your enemies. This magical category belongs to the Goddess Ucelle who covets all things beautiful. Only the most skilled artists of song have been capable of casting this type of magic... otherwise the Goddess will not smile upon you. This type of magic can be resisted by individuals of a high mental fortitude.
-Chant of the Valkyrie
-Dirge of Dread
-Tune of the Tired
-Song of Chaos
-Festival Ballad
-Dance of the Dead
-Dance of the Storm Pales
-Seduction Sonata
-Passage of the Gods
Time Magic **Not recommended for players; NPC gods and characters ONLY**
The legendary forgotten magic of the Time god of space and the great beyond Unilos.
Most magic in this category is unknown to the world of Ansgar great powerful and terrible. Magic which can bend Time and space warp matter and dark matter Create Astral Armor Travel the boundries of space through wormholes or Faster then light speed or summon outer-world creatures or gods from another dimension ! Magic no mere mortal can or should handle.
-Astral Armor
-Faster then Light speed
-Summon Outerworld Entity
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Basic list
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