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 The many Races of Ansgar

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PostSubject: The many Races of Ansgar    Sat May 25, 2013 12:42 am

~Race Guide~
In Ansgar many different species exist. Some created by the divine vision of RoR others the warped delusions of Xyleth. Others born out of chaos not linked to the gods in any manner. Many different souls intermesh to create a diverse and complex world which still struggles to maintain a proper balance. Races coexisting with each other is a new concept which has only been around a few hundred years. Many wars and conflicts in Lorccan were faught for species dominance over all life. Societies are being restructured to adopt tolerance and respect for all walks of life..however...this is an ongoing process. Many scars of the past still remain to haunt the delicate peace. These are just the known races more do exist~! and can be applied for to be created in the chamber of creation and added officially to this list.

Divine (Angels)
Corrupted (Demons)
Lizardi (Lizardmen)
Steam Men(Iron golems)
Dracul (Humanoid Dragon)
Soul Possessed Being
Faelyn (Fairy)
Chimera(Mixed Creatures)
Regnal (Rat people)
Hybrids (Werewolves and other combo creatures and beings half vampire, demonic angel and all such creations )


A interesting race of many possibilities Created and Favored by RoR.
Mankind is a race somewhat new to Ansgar but is arrogant and highly adapting. Quickly to assume themselves the predecessors to the gods made in their own image. Humanity has battled it's way out of obscurity to push back the once world dominant Elves who held supreme control over Lorccan. Due to this ugly fact relations between the two cultures are "poor" at best. While having no special traits of note Humans have with persistence and abuse of all resources around them grown immensely and thrived to become the main populace and dominating society of Ansgar.

Rumored to be children of the Earth god Molbaine elves have existed almost as long as any other race. They value all nature and life and were the first race to truly create and study the art known as magic. Many of the darker twisted arts that exist today are due to the hubris of mankind stolen from the Elves. A slender taller people ...attractive and with keen vision, hearing and excellent dexterity. Magic and being in tune with nature are almost secondary.. "instinctive to them" Rarely due they step outside the heavily forested regions of Gywenneth but these are dark times. Several variants of Elves exist. Dark elves, High elves , Forest elves

A hardy race stout and sturdy. Dwarves are well suited to the mountainous regions they inhabit. known to the world of Ansgar as "Children of the rock" They have a love/hate relationship with mining. Its in their blood and truly they have learned to manipulate stone and steel better then any other culture. Their buildings and structures are strong and build to last for many centuries. Known for being a species of little patience.. great temper..and even greater greed. these characteristics has made much of Lorccan weary of their company. Though many seek their knowledge of minerals and specialties in the arts of Rune magic. They have even mastered the technology of steam and Golem craft. Famous brewers of beer and mead as well as legendary tolerance for the stuff

Said to be the rays of light from Ucelle's beauty Divine. or more commonly "angels" are an ancient race from the kingdom of RoR. Servants created by the grand deities to create light and goodness to all life on Ansgar. They are rare in the world and even somewhat alienated by the mortal grounded races of Ansgar. Some Divine go "rogue" straying from their holy purpose coveting a selfish lifestyle in pursuit of personal desires. They are usually Humanoid with large avian like wings. The race though immortal and adept at Holy magic is supremely weak vs black magic. Though there heritage is grand they are as susceptible to death as any other race.

-The Corrupted-(Demons)
The scourge of Ansgar forged in the hateful fires of Galgamorth's rage. Corrupted are shadows of Xyleth's anger and the races of Ansgar's sin given life. People also refer to them as "Demons" Rare in the mortal plane. They exist to both spread suffering and to suffer themselves. True sadistic creatures who are a blight upon the land. Unnatural monsters from Xyleth's realm. They seek the downfall of all RoR loves and holds dear. Some Corrupted do break free from this cycle to follow their own selfish desires. Corrupted are unpredictable as a whole and under the right circumstances could even become good forces. However escaping your evil nature..and the no easy Task. The corrupted though feared are also quite capable of meeting a match in an opponent in any other race.

A misunderstood and often comical race to other species said to be evolutionary variant of the dwarve are Halfings. Living in foot hills and small gated communities. Halflings strive for very simple productive lives. Competent farmers gatherers and hunters they are masters of the crop. They as a whole are vary distrustful of all other species and it takes a long time to earn a village's trust. They are very short with large feet and somewhat wide bodies. Seclusive and secretive they mostly prefer to stay "off" the radar.

-Avians- (Birdmen)
A Humanoid race of bird people rather tall and somewhat muscular. They are a ordered Society Structured with a grand council and run much like a large tribe. Occupying the farthest northern reaches of Harrogath they have many small islands which are home to their aerial cliffside huts. The Avians and Humans are in constant conflict over borders. Each one seeking to stamp each other out of existence. They are fighting a losing battle against the ever growing human populace. Speed and Strength are their strong suits.

Another evolution of Dwarves Orc's have been malformed due to many hundreds of years living deep underground. Still preferring cave domiciles this species has not evolved much in terms of intelligence. However amazingly they are capable of crafting crude weapons and armor. They are brute force driven tanks of anger. Perfect berserkers on the battlefield. Far more larger and intimidating then most races.They also have excellent vision in the dark...but not so much in daytime

Lizardi...or simply "lizardmen" are a species of large Humanoid reptiles who have made the deserts of Mertuil their home. They are very tribal and secluded and rumored cannibals However some of their populace were clothes and speak fluent languages and even show up at markets in desert capital to trade. Intimidating and powerful This reptilian race is a terrifying site on the battlefield. Another varient of the Lizardi exist along the coastlines of Lorccan expert swimmers and fishers. Lizardi are rumored to be the children of Naune.

Considered pests and scavengers in the world of Ansgar these little crafty devils are often spotted picking a battlefield clean of weapons and valuables after a war. They are small in structure and most a perceived as stupid and mindless. This is a fatal mistake. This race is far more cunning then it lets on. Goblins have a strong will to survive and have many tribes scattered around Lorccan mimicking Human society in their own "global war" Smarts and a will to survive vs all odds are not to be looked down upon.

-Steam Men-(Iron Golem)
Golem magic is still experimental on some level...This race is one of the results. Though limited in number fallen Dwarves and honored Humans have been raised as steel constructs running both off of magic and steam power. They are physically very durable and strong but are not noted for speed or personality. However they do exist immortality but at a lonely price. Marvels and breakthrough in the magic of golems Steam men are used as major grunt labor on the front lines in the heavy mine operations of the Dwarves. Unlike most golems Steam men have emotions and freewill to choose their own destinies. They are still however rarely seen outside of Hammerstad.

Not a natural existence in the Realm of Ansgar these dark souls often Human have found black arts to imprison their soul in an immortal cage living eternally. Often evil or just selfish these beings have very distinct goals and usually prefer seclusion and solitude. Unaccepted in society unless disguised with illusion magic these undying shells seek to gather darks energies and create new blasphemous magic to evolve a whole new existence for themselves. Often sacrificing strength for speed.

The fearsome combination of Man and Bull to form a muscular juggernaut of a creature. Minotaurs are large towering figures on any battlefield. Their mere visages enough to send swarms of people running. Deadly wielders of of Large axe's and hammers Not much for the mystical arts..but they have still formed very rough societies. Tribes which value strength and honor above all else. Not necessarily shunned in Human or elf cities but definitely looked down upon. They often stay to their native home of the grassy plains. Strength and Stamina are their suit.

An ancient race calmly created by the wind goddess Furia as her guardians of Ansgar's skies. These winged creatures are deadly scions of speed power and magic. Intelligent creatures who have formed clans valuing their old ways above all else. They look down upon the other races with a sense of dominance. Even able to take human forms as well through arcane arts. They are mystical and mysterious beings who can live for thousands of years...perhaps even immortal however no dragon has lived to long without losing it's life to rivals for their power and control over territories. These are the creatures in Ansgar who make all look to the sky with fear

-Dracul-(Humanoid dragon)
A race evolved from the ancient dragons of the Goddess Furia. Humanoid with draconoid features and wings. These man like reptiles are very advanced in both culture and technology. They live on islands far off the continent of Lorccan and are quite mysterious. They seldom come mainland and not much is known about them. They are highly knowledgeable in the arts of magic and forgotten lore. However they do not get along with their larger kin in constant war with their own kind over who is the true child of Furia. They are very prideful creatures also quick to anger. Strength and mana are their forte.

A barbaric variant of the Dracul which has devolved significantly failing to build structure or society with their ranks these creatures are wild unpredictable and dangerous. However they can fight their baser instincts and even function in society if they have a strong enough will power. Domesticated Gargoyles are excellent allies on the field of battle just not so much at a royal banquet XD Speed and Strength is their specialties. Not very skilled in magic.

-Soul possessed Being-
A unnatural existence of the binding of a mortal soul into an object often as a curse..but not always so. Different from Liche's as the body they inhabit can be just about anything. Usually armor living statues and swords They are not skilled in black arts and magic like Lich's and often their existence is a curse as much for themselves as it is for all who encounter them. Escape is not often a choice for them as Terrible and horrifying magic has left them bound to their unending torment. They are however often gifted with Stamina and strength being rid of their fragile cage of flesh and bone.

Lifeforms from beyond the world of Ansgar from the many other worlds created during Unilos splitting... in a way they are the children of the one god. Various countless species of all different sizes and shapes. Usually far more frail then humans but they boast a strong Mental endurance and Magical power. On Ansgar they are extremely rare and have to seclude themselves away from society often with technology far beyond the grasp of the races around them. They are as mysterious as they are deadly.

Beings created in the fits of Volvagia's rage against her godly duties. She attempted a poor but miserably planned war against RoR using beings she crafted of all the known element.s Her borrowing of the other elements did not go unnoticed and for her treason she was punished harshly. The beings she created of pure magical powers of their chosen element were rumored in myth to be cast down to earth to live the rest of the days of their lives as mortals. Often this race of vengeance seeks to regain its immortality and true power once again. On Ansgar they are feared when revealed for their true nature. Like the elements themselves unpredictable and incredibly dangerous. Magical Power and Mana are their specialties.

It is often debated which came first for Molbaine the Tree folk or the elves... The Trees usually win this argument. Being providers of life and clean air. Second race of Molbaine born after the earth herself. Tree folk are highly patient slow...and somewhat grouchy but generally they have the good of the whole on their mind not just the forest but their size often makes them the target of the fearful. Strong and sturdy Stamina and strength are their design. Gywenneth is the land they call home losing much of their populace during the great war of the races.

-Faelyn (Fairy)-
A magical race created by the Elves to help aid them in their magical experiments and to plant the forests. Fairies..or sprites..fondly called Faelyn by the elfish work for the elven kingdoms planting and care taking the various surrounding forests and are also used as scouts and sentries to warn of incoming evil or other threats. Though they are very small in size often with very bright wings and a glowing humanoid body do no mistake them for weak. These creatures like their creators are highly adept at magic as it is infused within them. Magical Power and Mana are gifted to them.

-Chimera-(Mixed Creature)
Bio Wizardry...a dark and despised magic created by the empire of man. Perverting the mystical teachings of the elvish. Mankind used the magical forces to mold life and blend it to mock the very gods themselves creating terrible and horrendous abominations. Bio weapons of various capability meant for one sole purpose. War. These creatures are even imbued with deadly magic as well making them a powerful opponent in any battle. Strength and Magical power are infused within them.

like the tiny Goblins that plague Ansgar no one knows where the trolls have originated from. Unlike the most similar race Orcs, Trolls did not come from deep within the earth. They are somewhat large and not very bright either with an insatiable appetite to both understand humanity and be like them
while bludgeoning a few of them to death of course. They are often stealing trinkets and articles of clothing and other human oddities. They are not inherently evil either..and good Trolls do exist...civil ones even....but mostly they are ugly ungraceful hoarders who wish to do no more then increase the size of their stash.

Ghost like entities do exist in Ansgar Some more caught withing the realm of the living then the dead and while mostly ethereal...having the ability to walk through walls and other impassible objects They are still capable of feeling physical pain in combat. Usually a spirit like this has stayed on because he or she has fallen and left something undone in life. They appear as they did in life mostly...but have a faint dark blue aura almost as if a magician.

A race of wanderers in Ansgar having no official home you might see a satyr anywhere....and in this world they are common. Known travelers and story tellers. They are naturally from the land of Gywenneth as most mythical creatures on the continent of Lorccan. They have the lower body of a goat and the upper body of a man a little on the short side and not as strong as humans but they are speedy and unpredictable. Speed and Charisma are their strong suits.

Often seen in the elvish armies as the "Calvary" Centaurs the race of half man half horse warriors are a war faring race skilled in combat and archery. They are deadly on the field of combat. Revered for both their battle capability and keen insight Centaur are master hunters and trappers. They like their eleven lords are very distrustful of their northern human neighbors.

-Regnal (Rat people)
From the desert oasis of Mertuil emerges a trading race of travelling merchants wanderers who pick battle fields clean and sell what they can to whom they can. They are snide and devious creatures... ugly and hated but highly skilled. The race of rat like humans usually ends up in one of two professions. Barter or Murder. They are merely tolerated for the endless trove of goods they bring to the city bazaars otherwise they would shunned by humanity as a whole.

A magical experimental race created by the Draxian empire. They have no gender..but have a soul of various personalities. They were meant to be used as warriors in battle a versatile soldier who could change form as will. Few of the actual successes had the will to participate in combat. For this reason the project was dropped... The Draxian king gave orders for their extinction but even the powerful Lord Odeon was no match for their cunning they escape and fled into obscurity. Mana and Charisma are their suits

Children of Darkness rumored to be thralls of Xyleth granted immortality for their undying loyalty and enhanced abilities. They have a weakness to the does not burn them...but it makes them sick..and lose power. The vampires are well hidden in society Humanoid beautiful on the outside... with abilities of forming into mist...a wolf or bat and a true horror form. They are a plague the priests of Ucelle hunt endlessly and slaughter where ever they can be found. Vampires have formed secretive and ambitious clans with the plans to topple the human kingdoms and seize power without the notice of the other races..then the true terror could begin. Strength and Mana are their gifted power.

-Hybrids- (Werewolves ,Angelic demons, Labradoodles XD)
Hybrids don't have a specific origin. Some are basic chimera's created through the dark arts of Draxia's Bio wizardry...some are magical curses meant to horrify and despair one for all time. Others are anomalies in the universe. Created by no gods will a mere mishap in nature..or magic beings of a misfit kind with no set defining traits. There are many strange and hidden wonders in Ansgar

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The many Races of Ansgar
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