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 World of Ansgar (As it stands for now)

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PostSubject: World of Ansgar (As it stands for now)   Mon May 20, 2013 12:58 pm

** all is blackness.....then Josh walks up to a musical stand...and takes a sip of slush...and with a wave of his hand.... CREATION!

**Credits for this rad colored map go to Animo Oceanus~!**

but seriously.... Its time for an don't be shy now....better get to know the world you're gonna challenge well...

THIS is the world of Ansgar.. of which the mainstay of adventures on this forum will be taking place on one of the worlds largest landmasses.. The continent of Lorccan. yep that means...there are other continents as well to be developed... as I said "expansion expansion expansion!"

**puts on his lab coat now and large round glasses and points at the map above.**

Now the continent of Lorccan is split into very distinct provinces. To the north is the barrens of Harrogath populated by harsh strong pale northerners. Ruled by an elder council of older respected men of society. They are very trade driven society.

     To the west of Harrogath are the Dwarven people of Hammerstad just as grumpy and secluded as the barbarians of Harrogath...except...very greedy....and have progressed the farthest as a society in terms of technology. They alone have mastered steam technology in Lorccan. Allowing wonders such as golems to be built and used for daily harsh labour and even defending Hammerstads rocky boarders. It is governed by an equally greedy King and Queen.

To the south are the deserts of Mertuil a large vast desert which covers much of the landmass of Lorccan. sparsely populated. Laws are hard to govern here even though there is a King and Queen...most of the power and control are in the hands of the many thief and bandit guilds which are scattered throughout the sandy dunes. lizard people are also more prominent in this domain. Despite its rough and chaotic nature its star cities are THE place to go for rare, magical, or valuable treasures.
Its cities remain a major hub for goods from Continents outside of Lorccan.

To the far east of Mertuil is one of the smallest provinces..however it is one of the most heaviest populated ones..The Military driven Draxia is a dark land
ruled by strength and cruelty. Its army is fueled by powerful magical artifacts and relics at its core. The architecture is reflective of black citadels and gothic churches which span its large cities. Draxia is ruled by a tyrannical  paranoid king (rumored to be kept alive by black magic) who keeps only mistresses at his side

The last province to the far south is the most cautious of humans The most beautiful parts of Lorccan are within the boarders of Gywenneth. The land itself is enfused with magic. All fabled creatures fairies, Sprites , gnomes, unicorns and other beasts of lore call this unrealistically attractive land home. Populated by the war hating elfs who covet beauty and peace above all else. Gywenneth is also home to the spire of Grand wizards. A legendary tower where the most powerful magicians of the known age convine to help govern and keep in check the magical elements and threats of Ansgar. The elf population are governed by a very pacifistic matriarchy.

Alright peoples! thats the jist... each province has a capital city Which shares the same name as the province itself!..but I will get into that a bit later for now the basics now stand!
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World of Ansgar (As it stands for now)
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