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 Abilities Guide

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PostSubject: Abilities Guide   Thu May 23, 2013 6:46 pm

Below is the Coding for Abilities; please copy and paste it with your answers in the abilities creation forum NOT in this thread. Thank you

Your character will get two abilities to start and 1 limit break (further instruction can be found in the ~RPG Guide) --which can be magic, combat techniques, or other special talents which are unique to them. Please keep these beginner abilities on a simple level (no town destroying stuff X.x), if you need guidance on how to do that feel free to talk to a staff member. Summoning is also available as a starting skill but it will be a minor summon mirroring beginner level.

In ability applications we are looking for thoroughness, not necessarily details. You don't have to write three paragraphs describing something that can be presented in one. All we're looking for is that you're abilities are balanced between strength and weakness as evenly as possible, and that you're being fair rather than finding loopholes through fancy words and long descriptions (and we will find them so you can save yourself the time)

Simple rules to follow when making Abiltities

-No Absolutes~! Even at stat level 15 your abilities can and will always have the chance for failure. so no beam or massive attack which disintegrates all or sword that can cut through anything and everything.

-Don't jam a bunch of skills into one ability. One ability is one ability XD if you want to expand upon it do so in the upgrades that follow and you earn

- Treat your new abilities as starter abilities. The move should start as the basis of what you want it to become not the finished product; that's what the upgrades are for XD

For Abilities/Summons Application

Name: what do you call the ability//what is the name of the summon
Description: what does the ability do, please keep it beginner level if this is one of your first two abilities!//what does your summon do and what does it look like (picture or description or both)
Weakness: Please be fair in choosing the weaknesses for your abilities, for every strength their is a weakness is typically a good rule of thumb. Be sure to include a duration, limit, and cool down!
Range: how far can it go?// for a summon how far can it be away from you before it is powerless?

Abilities/Magic Spells/Psychic Powers Application:


Summoning Applications

Summoning is available in this game it is an ability and it applied for in the ability section two templates are provided there for you to use. There are two basic types of summoning available in Ansgar.

( Avatar Summon )

A single powerful summon of impressive ability it is like a guardian. Coming forth to fight for you in battle. It has 35 stat points to distribute among the 7 stats. like Character applications you may have starting stats of level 6. The avatar summon also has an ability. Like any other Ability it can be upgraded three times. Each upgrade for the Avatar summon will give you 3 new stat points to distribute + an upgrade to the summons ability. No stats can go above 12. Only ONE avatar summon may be conjured at one time as they can be large and powerful enforcers.

(Minion Summon)

A human sized group summon which uses one ability slot like the Avatar summon. The player starts off with 3 to start. Its stats are frozen at all "Human Average" and cannot be upgraded. It has one minor ability but the ability cannot be upgraded. Upgrades for the minion summon will increase quantity of units only that can be summoned instead. Can be upgraded 3 times

Number of units that can be summoned

Default 3 --- 1st upgrade > 6 --- 2nd Upgrade --->10---3rd Upgrade-->15 (Max)

For Avatar (Single Summon)

[b]Avatar Summon[/b]

Mental Endurance:
Mana Source :
Magical Power:


For Minion (Group Summon)

[b]Minion Summon[/b]
[b]Quantity: [/b]

Limit Breaker ability

Like in the rpgs of old~! I'm intending to create a system to allow your character to do a burst attack after either a set amount of time/posts or taking a set amount of direct hits. A "Limit breaker" It will be a over the top self styled move suited to your character to help turn the tide in a tight situation.

I will be letting a player have 4 limit breaks in total. the 1st one will be free..the others will need to be purchased with an appropriate thread to show skill increase.


**For now only a non official guide shall exist to govern limit breaks we may implement a automatic one in the future.**

The 4 limit breaks will each be different in ability thus making it possible With a full limit break charge to launch one level four limit break or four level one limit breaks or two level two limit breaks or one level three and one level one and so on. HOWEVER a player will only start with one level one limit break which they can apply for at the shop i will be making a template for it.

Below is a chart which will elaborate on the rules to use the limit break ability

Limit Break ] Number of hits on your character required to
Level ] Use the limit break
1 ] 2 hits ]
2 ] 4 hits ]
3 ] 6 hits ]
4 ] 8 hits ]
Please be honest and fair with this system as it will be up to you and your opponent to manage it fairly unless in official battles or a staff member is called in to make an evaluation.

After using your limit break This resets~! or the value drops down to the required level to charge again

**** Limit Breaks CANNOT be upgraded****

For Limit Breaks

[b]Limit Break Level (1-4):[/b]

Duo Techs, Triple Techs

Another mechanic i will be adding to this game for you to enjoy is based off the lovable Super nintendo game Chrono trigger. Yes Duotechs and Tripletechs~! so if your in a group with close allies you have more deadly moves at your disposal~! to vanquish your enemies not just with power..but style to ~! adding your own flare to create a combo move with another player. You will be allowed to have a MAX of 3 duo or triple techs.

To have a partner move you must~!! have been in a thread and befriended that character~!..and come up with an app together to put forward in the abilities section. They will cost gold in the Dragonscar Forge
and require the thread link to prove your characters bond. Triple techs will be stronger and more complex but will take longer to get approved and done through story as well as cost more.

Make sure to design the team attack using abilities and powers you already have you cannot magically use new powers for this . It is a chance to get really creative and add even more flare to combat. Use of duotechs in combat will take mana from all character's mana sources involved in the attack.

****Duo Tech's and Triple Techs CANNOT be upgraded.****

For Duo Tech's/ Triple Techs

[b]Done with whom?:[/b]

You may upgrade any ability or Summon 3 times..but they must be purchased at the Dragonscar Forge.

. An upgrade allows you to modify your weaker ability and make it slightly stronger.

Ex: Can throw fire but the fire must already be there!
Upgrade: No longer needs fire to be there to throw it!

Of course you must subtract old weaknesses and replace them with new ones to balance out the upgrade! Also please try and keep it to ONE thing new per upgrade, not multiple changes in one upgrade.

Place Your ability name in the spoiler:


[spoiler=Upgrade Name]
[b]Upgraded Weakness:[/b]
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Abilities Guide
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