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 Evil NPC's

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PostSubject: Evil NPC's   Thu May 23, 2013 6:05 pm

Al Rasheed :

A mysterious denizen of Mertuil. Over the years this secretive treasure hunter has ventured the world of Ansgar over in search of powerful and rare Magical artifacts. His greed and ambition has earned him many followers...Al Rasheeds true goal is unknown even to his closest of allies. An expert in sword combat and rare arcane magic Al Rasheed has taken on entire kingdoms on his own and emerged victorious. Though there is a bounty on his head... none of the kingdoms know where even to find him. Bar none the most elusive man in the world....many authorities still claim his existence to be a myth...and the Desert Kingdom of Mertuil outright denies any ties to this world class criminal mastermind.

Magical Servants of the Shade whom Al Rasheed has the ability to summon to do his bidding


A young man whose name is spoken only in whispers...."Veil" they call him..but his true name was lost long ago in the ages of time.... seemingly immortal... it is rumored that he was once a prince of a destroyed ancient kingdom which challenged the goddess of Darkness directly venturing into her realm with forbidden magic. The price....The young man was cursed with the power of death. He could never be close to any living creature again. For all in his presence.. die and rot away. Nature blackens at his feet... flesh withers and reveals bone....and crumbles to dust.

For his arrogance against the gods the man was cursed to have his face in a state of perpetual rot.... This is why the man wears nothing but a simple veil to cover his rotting features which bear the symbol of his lost kingdom. Veil Wanders aimlessly and hopelessly across the continent of Lorccan looking for a way to break his horrible curse....while destroying all around him.


One of the legendary wizards of the Grand spire in Gywenneth.

Master Iron Fury

A Lesser known overlord stalking the three boarders of Harrogath, Mertuil, and Draxia. His attack on the citizens of Lorccan have been insignifigant thus far but he does have under his command a sizable amount of tiny goblins to adhere to his dark whims. His true motivations to conquer the kingdoms are a mystery but it is no doubt the obvious goal of this warlord. Under his command are a rag tag band of bandits and wizards who follow to unite Lorccan under his rule. Master Iron Fury is both adept in swordplay and magic... but he does tend to prefer blunt weapons. He is your typical saturday morning cartoon villain

Commanders : Thunderclaw, Deathstorm, Dr. Hell plague


The man with the least pull in Master Iron Fury's organization This brute has a magically enchanted rune claw which as his name sugguests spews forth electricity to slice apart his opponents. This monster of a human cares for nothing but combat and understands little else.
He is not known for his intelligence.

Death Storm

A shadowy thin lizard man from swamps unknown. Death Storm is a necromancer with the ability to summon hordes of skeleton and undead to carrie out his whims. He also controls great shadow magic to bind and slice his opponents with his mini scythes. His voice is soft and menacing. An individual of few words Death Storm prefers to speak through his malicious actions.

Dr. Hellplague

This mad scientist is the brains of Master Iron Fury's group...but also a loner... he considers his other allies "useless" and prefers to only consort for planning alone. The self named Dr. Hell plague is a master of poisons and various chemicals such to the degree he has enhanced his body to make it immune to the various poisons and gases he constructs with advanced alchemy. A dangerous and eccentric opponent as unpredictable as the weather.

Lord Odeon

A magical construct of supreme design Lord Odeon is the ultimate in Chimera and Necromantic magic. He is an immortal war engine with the ability to turn into a dragon at will. The supreme General of Draxia's armies Lord Odeon is known and feared throughout Lorccan. He is Draxia's gem in biomagical weaponry. In Terms of combat capability there is no seeming weakness. His sword play and command of magic are supreme. This 20ft Dark knight is a truly terrifying visage on the battlefield. In his dragon form despite growing to an awe inspiring 80ft he is capable of breaking the sound barrier and through multiple Dragon heads shooting rapid fire balls in volleys decimating whole empires in minutes. Lord Odeon follows only the command of the Paranoid Tyrannical King of Draxia.

Odeon Face

Lord Odeon Dragon Form

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Evil NPC's
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