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 Alteration Magic

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PostSubject: Alteration Magic   Mon May 20, 2013 2:13 pm


Alteration Magic:
This category of Magic refers to the WIDE variety of magic created by the races of Ansgar which do not pretain to elements but have Unique abilities and purposes. Anything from magically picking a lock, summoning self styled magic armor or weapons, altering ones ability such as strength, speed , etc and cloaking, charming others only to name a small few ...
-Detect Magic
A basic of rogue magic which allows the caster to detect the use of presence of arcana use within a 1km area

-Detect Life
A simple spell which allows the mage to detect all creatures alive within a 1km area

-Open lock
A simple parlor trick spell which grants the mage the ability to open treasure chest and door locks of simple design. It is not meant to open magic doors or giant castle gates

A spell often used by thieves which cloaks them in a chameleon like fashion making them about 75% invisible it is not impossible to see them but a great spell for escape and infiltration especially at night

-Force push
A spell which uses a simple telekinetic energy distortion to topple a target at a small distance at higher levels this spell may even knock over a group of opposition

-Night vision
A simple magic trick which magically alters the casters eye sight capability to see 100% in darkness as if it were daylight..a excellent tomb raiding or robbing spell

-See the invisible
Allows casters to see magically invisible individuals or even places cloaked by magic

-Sense Danger
A simple magical trick which picks up hostile impulses of individuals in your near vicinity. It is a spell which gives very little warning but is better then nothing. It works almost like that gut feeling that informs you something is amiss

a spell which allows a mage with a high mental fortitude to impose his/her will upon a helpless individual who must adhere to his or her commands unless those are suicide or killing a loved one. The spell can only be maintained through a 30 second direct eye contact. The victim falls into an odd trance like state and like a living zombie performs the casters will. They will reveal information fight, lie cheat steal whatever the caster wishes. However the mage must have a higher skill in magic then the target and the spell will only last a few hours at most.

-Magic Tongue
This magic allows a caster to seem as if speaking any other language to another race. In turn it allows the mage to understand all other languages spoken to him/her it is an extremely useful spell often known to ambassadors or countries and peacetalkers.

-Enhance Strength
A simple spell which temporarily gives the caster unnatural strength. The amount of strength gained is in porportion to the casters magic ability and the enhancement can only be maintained for 10mins. It is physically demanding to the caster.

-Enhance Speed
A spell which works along the same grounds as enhance strength. The mage will have supernatural speed capabilities being able to run as fast or faster then the worlds fastest land animal. however this spell like enhance strength can only be maintained for 10 mins. Afterwords the caster will likely feel drained and hungry.

A advanced mage my magically alter their appearance to look like any humanoid being. Height, weight, age ,sex, race ,hair, eyes all features. Alternatively this magic can be used to shape into other known forms to the caster. There are limits to the size of creature a caster my morph into. Only truly skilled mages my transform into larger or magical beings and only at very advanced levels. This powerful not widely known magic can only be maintained for 1-2 hours at most..and it can be detected and even dispelled by powerful magic opponents.

- Dispel
A simple spell which can be very powerful at high levels able to negate and discharge most enemies magic attacks.Originally designed to only stop the mages own magic advanced versions of this spell shoot out like a projectile of blue flame that hits and cancels most opposing forces. Truly powerful spells however cannot be stopped.

A spell which attempts to silence a caster through a small mystical white orb projectile. If the spell is not blocked by the target they are effectively incapable of casting chanting spells for 5 mins

-Summon Animal
A very basic summon magic which calls a simple creature of Ansgar to your aid. It can be anything from bees,a rat, bird, to bigger animals like a horse or bear at higher stages. The animal becomes a familar to the caster serving him/her in their endeavours. Only one creature may be magically enslaved at a time. This spell is not widely favoured by those who are true animal activists. The summoned animal can understand the casters words will fight for you and help warn the caster of approaching danger but it is 100% loyal and heeds the mages command.

-Summon Fog
A spell also often used by thieves for quick escapes it creates a large fog which envelopes a 5 km area! The magic fog lasts for 1 hour before it dissipates

-Magic Circle (ward)
A tribal ritual which allows the caster to create a safe area within a large magic circle built often of stones. It wards away creatures of evil undead or black magic keeping all such forces out of its parameters.

-Create Magic scroll
A mage may embue a spell into a scroll for a individual to use who is not adept or normally capable of any magic. The scroll may be used twice a day or until destroyed.

- Summon Magic Armor
The caster may summon magical armor which has a appearance which suits the mages personality. The armor is usually glowing with a intense white light and is often mistaken for the holy knight spell of ROR. Though not as powerful as the holy armor it is still weightless to the caster and looks visually frightening to the casters foes. The armor can appear to have heavenly angel wings for some large demonic spikes for others.It does not grant the gift of flight either. However it is resistant to magic and can be maintained for 1 hour. A very rare spell.

-Summon Magic Weapon
The sister spell to Summon Magic Armor, This spell works much the same way allowing the mage to summon a magical weightless weapon which the appearance is reflective of the magicians personality. The magical weapon is frightening to behold with a white ethereal glow and is capable of damaging ghosts or spirits however its strength is no different then any other steel blade. It can be maintained as well for 1 hour. Another rare useful arcana developed by the populace of Ansgar.

-Flash strike
A simple magic trick also developed for thievery it creates the effect of a large flash of light blinding to all in the vicinity. It is a quick and easy to cast spell great for getaways or surprise attacks.

-Create Golem (ritual)
Through a several hour ceremony with a proper construct of rock metal flesh or other material a mage may bring magical life to a form to create a golem. The golem is 100% loyal to the caster and can obey simple commands to fight guard or assist the mage in various tasks. The golem will stay until it is destroyed or dispelled by the mage. Powerful arcane magic from Hammerstad. Not cheap to purchase or learn.
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Alteration Magic
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