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 There a lot

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PostSubject: There a lot   Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:05 pm

The names in red are portal types and i would like to change them.

The four island country of the avatars. Three islands surround the middle one in a triangle shape. Each island is connected by the middle one by bridges. The first island is call entai, a flat land with meadows everywhere. Colossus, the second, is a huge forest where nearly no sunlight can go though. The last island is call aero, due to constant wind every night and day. The middle island is the home of the grand market place, the royal places, the council’s chambers, and the clan compound to the Lunas, Storms, and Blazes.

Avatars, a race of three tribes that live in the four-island country of tri-elements. The darkness, those who pry to the goddess of darkness. Assassin, they have a close bond to the animal, chaos lion. The pyro, those who pry to the goddess of fire. Fighters, they are bonded to obsidian scorpion. The skies, those who pry to the goddess of wind. Archers, the one who are with the winged serpents. All have tribal tattoos on them and each have a trait for their tribe. Cat-like senses and reflexes, toughens skin and acid blood, and retractable wings and extreme speed.
The Three Houses
All three tribe live as one, even going into another tribe. Three houses govern the country, the commoners, the knights, and the royals. The commoners put in the laws and control the trade.  The knight house is three bloodlines, one of each tribe. The Lunas, of the darkness tribe, are the gatekeepers, controlling who enter which island. The Storms, of the skies tribe, are the law enforces, protecting the commoners. The Blazes, of the pyro tribe, are the knights, keeping the royals safe. The last houses, royals, are priest and priestess of the temples and the three-tribe leader families. They are the only one able to call for war and make allies.
Like all cultures, the avatars have relics that they hold dear. The glass rose, a powerful object the when in use allow the user to shift into shadows and generates vines of darkness. The necklaces of angles, an item that control the wind, to give its user wings and the power of flight. The sphere of life, those who use it power can summon golems of obsidian. However, as it heart, it give it life and a mind, causing it to go berserk, if the user is not strong enough.

 political histoy
As Tri-elemant was in the middle of the bay between Draxia and Gweneth, there where a neutral site for war times. Allied to the humans, they learn about the knowlage of their lamds. Making jewals and treading exortic animals keep Gweneth port open. The king of Draxia at first try to keep the Avaters off his lands. But after years of frighting, they come to an agrement. The Avatars will give them obsidian stone for open accses to the lands. As to stay out of the ever lasting coldwar, the storm and luna family both send their oldest child to be mirred, 15 year afther the war end, to the nobles of thier lands. Only once did they went to war, nearly killing most of their wairros but destory all who stand in their way. it ended with all going back to thier island and rebuilding.

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PostSubject: Re: There a lot   Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:41 am

hey there ^^ Very nice islands you've made there i was hoping if you would be so kind as to indulge me with a little more history with their relations with Draxia and the paranoid king..and the  Queen Matriarch of Gywenneth. If they were sided with the humans or the elves would also be a big deal.  

Any information would be awesome. It can be as simple information as if they trade and what crops or resources.  Also if you wanna make npc leaders for the family you can and place them here as well =)
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PostSubject: Re: There a lot   Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:25 am

How that? And as it stands, the familes ae not very impotant, unlese one want to go to tri-element. So no NPC XD, and if you have any idea wht to call the county/tribe/race that will help.
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PostSubject: Re: There a lot   

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There a lot
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