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 Blood Magic

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PostSubject: Blood Magic   Mon May 20, 2013 2:12 pm

Blood Magic:
An ancient type of magic which uses the casters blood as a source not powered by the gods... it is nearly forgotten to the world... powerful and Terrible weapons of blood, familars and other dark secrets
-Vein Scythe
A blood magic spell which uses the caster blood to create a crimson projectile which may impale like a lance when fired or alternatively be used like a weapon of the casters design. The magically summoned weapon through blood manipulation has the surprising strength of steel and can be maintained for 30mins. It is an easy to cast and use spell but repeated use will drain the casters blood.

An ancient and arcane spell lost to most within the darkest reaches of magical development. It allows the mage to meld and manipulate the flesh of the dead..or themselves. to manipulate your own flesh is painful...but some mages have become like demons with such practices denouncing humanity outright.

-Crimson Joining.(blood heal)
This ancient healing spell requires sacrifice of a victim..some of their blood...depending on the severity of the wound...perhaps a life. It is a healing spell that uses the flesh to meld and heal yourself or others magically stitching and even reformulating the blood of a sacrifice to completely heal even the deadliest of wounds... However the caster or another being healed must still be alive. This spell unlike the holy spell painful...the target can feel their flesh weave and manipulate. This dark practice has also been used to alter the appearance of living creatures to a degree. Though using the spell in such a manner is time consuming...

-Blood Sworn
This dark rite uses a fair deal of your blood and as such is a dangerous but powerful tool in battle. The caster may sever their own flesh and imbue their blood with
a spirit. Which takes the form of a ghostly avatar whose appearance varies to the personality of the caster. The avatar is 100% loyal and is an extension of the caster it walks and fights alongside the mage with abilities that mirror 50% capacity of the caster The blood avatar exists on both the physical and astral planes at once. The avatar is socomplex it even has its own personality once again reflective on the casters true nature, and is a very competent servant. It is a powerful companion and VERY difficult to dispel by other magics. However it is tiring upon the caster to leave the avatar spell active longer then 24 hours as takes a few days for the mage to recover enough blood to reuse the powerful spell.

-Blood Tremor
Using the arcane knowledge of manipulating blood and flesh the caster releases a wave of telekinetic energy which cause the blood to literally boil in any living creature within a 30 foot radius the pain is intense and in many cases fatal. If the mage is powerful enough the deadly spell can explode the blood out of the victim from the inside extruding out of the bodies cavities and killing an opponent outright in a gruesome display. It is a powerful and reckless spell which only very skilled mages are even capable of.

-Weakest kin (Aura)
The manipulation of blood is a difficult practice but if mastered by a mage it can even allow a caster to affect the minds of opponents. Through controlling and regulating blood flow to the brains of the victims the caster severely weakens most creatures abilities to act and perform even basic tasks properly. Victims feeling feint and cannot think straight. It is all controlled by a red crimson aura that the caster immanates that affects a 20foot radius... however It requires a great deal of mental focus from the caster and therefore can be maintained for only a hour at most per day.

-Corpse Explosion
An infamous blood magic spell which uses the flesh of the dead to create a magical bomb with extreme destructive powers. A powerful blood mage could destroy a small building with just one corpse...but you still need a corpse.... The spell has always been the most terrifying on the battlefield of war where it can be used on hordes inflicting mass damage to many opponents.

-Infectious thought
using advanced blood manipulation techniques the caster is able to control/ magically enslave the mind of a victim whom has consumed his/her blood. The strength of the control over the victim is directly perportional to the amount of blood consumed. One drop of blood is enough to sugguest small thoughts....very little control....a mouthfull of blood or more is enough to control the victim like a puppet . The affects of the spell last for about 5 mins if one drop..or 1 hour if more is consumed. It lasts approximately as long as the blood takes to digest.

-Power of One
A defensive blood spell which completely relies on the blood and constitution of the caster...or if the mage is lucky the blood of fallen nearby. The enchanted blood forms a powerful orb shield which can block powerful magical or physical attacks but the strength is reliant on the blood available and the strength of the caster. It is a tiring ordeal.
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Blood Magic
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