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 The Long lost....[ Al Barnhouse /Closed]

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PostSubject: The Long lost....[ Al Barnhouse /Closed]   Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:46 pm

((OOC: This will be a unrelated battle thread and is not part of the capture AL Barnhouse Quest))

((The following takes places before the thread : Insanity of Love))

The young Galvesar had trotted aimlessly for hours attempting to navigate the desert labyrinth, through the hot twisted sands of Mertuil venturing an army of seemingly similar dunes. He was wrapped poorly in brown over robes and hood... his ghostly face dripped with copious perspiration. Thoughts of his demise circled in his brain. Why had he come here?......all because of him...that one man...

The sun beat down on him with the mercy of an inferno. Could the gods be so cruel as to let a wandering vagabond like him perish amongst the dry sands and be buried without a trace.. all evidence of his life removed and returned to Molbaine.  Adjusting his ripped weathered travel cloak. Joshua moved his tongue inside his mouth feeling the walls of his cheeks for any sign of all felt like chalk to him by now. That's when he spotted it...a oasis....a midst the haze of heat which skewed his vision he didn't care whether it was a mirage or not by this point. He was already long lost.. He had left the Galvesar house hold cooking up a lame story about a trading trip to Harrogath. For Maylia to let him go alone...took a great deal of convincing....but she could have no part of this.....not this destined confrontation. As for Zeriach and Fillessya ...they were just happy to have him out of the house for a while.

 Joshua knew his real reasons for braving the desert wastes as his sun dried leather long boots separated the sands.
It...was him 

"AL Barnhouse"

Even forming the syllables with his mouth...sickened him..the things he had done....the unspeakable acts he he would pay.
.....a servant had passed along word of his whereabouts...and upon hearing of this he could not stay still... Vengeance......was at hand.  The pale noble was bathing in his own dripping perspiration. He never fared well in places of heat.....not since his childhood. Most of his time was spent indoors...or in the dark depths of Draxia... The cool air and rainy atmosphere..was most days very refreshing.  His senses were reunited with joy when he approached the oasis lake he slowly removed one finely stitched  black leather glove showing off the Galvesar family crest and breached the cold surface with his fingers.

The feel of ice cold water oh his skin awoke him from his exhaustion..quickly he cupped hand fulls of water and quenched his dire thirst.. the cool dew droplets ...nectar of the gods to his taste buds.  Joshua was happy Maylia could not see him in this state... she would likely scold him for his recklessness...She could be over protective at times....but he had come to love that about her.  Splashing his face with more handed cupfuls of water he washed back his messy long silver hair. Galvesar emerald ghostly green stare gazed at his exhausted reflection in the small pool lake staring back at him.  For a moment he sighed with great relief closing his eyes and listening to the sounds of life in the small ecosystem he was fortunate to find. bugs and other nearby creatures crawling all around him. 

Placing one glove on slowly... still kneeling Joshua cupped a hand full of sand and let the small sediment slip through the spaces of his fingers. smiling suddenly a coy smirk appearing across his face he stood up slowly turning around with one hand on the handle to the burrowed family dagger. Zeriach never used it anyway....and would be the executioner which would settle the score...and hand down swift judgement....

Galvesar's snake like eyes scanned the seemingly empty desert wastes ahead of him with a sick he spoke softly...and grimly

"I know your there......Brother......."
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The Long lost....[ Al Barnhouse /Closed]
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