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 Bio-Magic (Creation)

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PostSubject: Bio-Magic (Creation)   Mon May 20, 2013 2:10 pm

Bio-Magic or Creation Magic:
A widely debated use of magic that involves maniuplation and creation of Organic materials such as Chimera's familars or supernatural monsters. items as unique as soul linked bound weapons or magical servants that are 100% faithful to their creator. It is a powerful and feared type of arcana said to have roots within Draxia. This magic and all who use it is shunned by the gods as it mocks their own creations. It is often confused with blood magic
-Create Homunculus(Ritual)
a magical ritual which uses living tissues to create a doll which in everyway simulates a human being. The Homunculus has its own personality but is soulless and is 100% faithful to the caster. Not very effective as a familiar as it would take years to train in combat or magic but the Homunculus is an effective assistant in materials gathering or labour.

-Create Chimera (Ritual)
Chimera are creations which combine both the art of bio magic and necromancy to create and imbue a magically created body with life. They are often powerful and capable servants and widely feared and misunderstood by the general populace of Ansgar. It is not necessarily the Chimera which is inheritantly evil..but rather often reflects the personality of the mage responsible for its creation. Chimeras can look like virtually anything from a grand clandestine Angel to a Towering Demonic Horror. They can also look like a complete regular human, Dwarf ,Elf, etc etc. The possibilities are many. The more abilities and the bigger the size of the Chimera the greater the mages skill would have to be in Bio magic to create.

For Example because Lord Odeon is a chimera created out of Dragon remains and Human and Metal with adept knowledge and capabilities in all magic categories
his creator would have to be of legendary skill level with high magic knowledge.
This spell requires the body remains of the creatures you wish to use and knowledge of the magic you wish to embue the creature with. A magic which mocks the gods and their creations.

-Create Bound Familiar *Soul Avatar*(Ritual)
A skilled Bio mage can create a familiar which can be bound to the casters soul to be summoned forth at will as a ally in battle. The process of creation of a bound familiar or Soul Avatar is much like that of a Chimera. Bio Materials are needed for the design of the creature (which is up to the caster) The soul is embedded and finally the familiar is merged with the caster. The two become one eternally bound. A soul avatar is a powerful ally existing on both the spiritual and physical planes capable of all the magic the caster knows to the ability of 50% power. It is its own individual with a personality that tends to (but not always) reflect the mages own personality. The soul bound familiar is 100% loyal and will never betray or hurt the caster for its existence is bound to yours. This soul avatar though powerful can be injured like any other being but it can be summoned away to recouperate. At most a Soul Avatar can be summoned for 3-6 hours a day It tires quickly both on the familiar and the caster. The familiar must sleep everynight like the mage to recover energy and fatique.If a mages soul bound Familiar dies it is a terrible ordeal! The mage will be mortally wounded and need immediate healing.A skilled Bio mage may be able to ressurrect a fallen familiar for a caster but such a price would not be cheap.
Only ONE soul bound familiar may be attached to a soul of a mage at a time.

-Create Soul Bound Weapon (Ritual)
A process similar to creating a soul bound familiar can also be applied to or created as a magical weapon the looks of which can be of the bio mages design.Bio materials and rare metals are needed The magically created weapon is then bound with a living soul and attached permanently to the casters own soul. This amazing weapon can now be summoned to the casters side at will and summoned away. The weapon will have spells the caster knows enchanted in , usually small projectile element or spirit energy attacks. But other effects have been used. These spells have charges which can only be used a certain amount of times a day before requiring to recharge with the mage resting. If the caster does not know the magic they wish to put in the weapon they must seek out another mage with the knowledge to aid him/her. The weapon if damaged or broke is capable of being summoned away back to the casters soul and like a living creature heal over time restructuring itself! However if the soul bound weapon is completely destroyed (disntegrated) like a soul bound familiar the damage to the caster is great. Advanced Soul bound weapons like familiars can even possess personalities. Only ONE soul bound weapon may be attached to a caster at a time.

-Bio Regeneration
Advanced bio magicians can use living tissues to help races regrow lost limbs or their own and in an amazing amount of time. This magic usually requires fresh cells or bodies so the cost is great. A bio mage will usually charge a fortune for someone paying for their services.

-It is possible for players to aquire soul bound Familiars or weapons by paying a bio mage but the cost would be a kingdoms ransom in gold!
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Bio-Magic (Creation)
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