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 Rune Magic

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PostSubject: Rune Magic   Mon May 20, 2013 2:09 pm

Rune Magic
Ancient and rare in the world of Lorccan, Magic exists which uses magical stones called runes. These magnifcent runes contain the power of the god/goddesses and their elements, and other powerful effects! This magic has the benefit of no mana use! Rune mages use runes to quick cast spells or magically enchant weapons or armor. Alternatively skilled rune mages may cast simplistic offensive or defensive spells by drawing magical symbols into the ground during combat or even using magical Tattoos! it is a type of casting usually used by Mages who are more fighters then spell casters. This type of magic has origins in the Mighty Dwarven kingdom of Hammerstad.
-Create Rune (Ritual)
First and formost a magical Symbol is needed either the knowledge or the blue print of the symbol
Making a rune to enchant a weapon/armor or an artifact is a tedious task even for a skilled rune mage. The caster must seek out a certain type of ore and spend one full evening of uniterrupted work carving symbols into a stone. Once completed the stone must be taken to a temple of that particular God/Goddess to be blessed and activated by the rune mage. If the rune has no particular god associated with it. It can be activated at the tower of grand wizards in Gywenneth blessed by any of the archmages there. The power of the rune is dependant on the skill of the rune mage who carved the stone. So if you for example just started making runes chances are all your runes will be lesser runes.

ROR-Light Element
Ucelle-Healing Element
Xyleth-Darkness Element
Galgamorth-Destruction Element
Molbaine-Earth/Nature Element
Turpar- Lightning Element
Volvagia-Fire Element
Naune-Water/Ice Element
Furia- Wind Element

These are just the basic runes more symbols exist that do not call upon the gods or their elements but rather embue weapons armor or artifacts with other powerful effects. The type of armor or weapon you enchant with a rune will affect how the ability is used. A weapon is likely to have an offensive aspect of that element while armor and shields will likely have defensive aspects or magical resistances

Example: A ROR rune put into a helmet may give it a holy light which always shines forth from the wearer allowing him/her to see in dark dungeons and pits while if the same rune was put into a sword it may make glow with a white ethereal flame which deals holy damage crippling all undead and evil creatures. There are many possibilities Specialty runes are best created in story and with the help of the mods as more special runes are discovered they will be posted here. Runes can be installed into weapons and Armor by a Rune mage but for the best results it is always best done by The Dwarf craftsmen of Hammerstad That of course costs lots and lots of money.

-Create Rune Weapon (Ritual)
This is the process of combining runes to weapons. First the caster will usually need the weapon.. it can be plain or even enchanted but legendary class items IE the sword of ROR cannot be used.Next is the runes the mage wishes to enchant in the weapon . The quality of the runes + their effect once in the weapon is all reliant on the quality of the rune and the mage who installs the runes into the weapon. A skilled rune mage can also do this alone however their results will never be as good as a master Dwarf craftsman. The caster is recommended to take the weapon and the runes they wish to embed to Hammerstad.. but with all magic related crafting.. it will not be cheap!

-Symbol Casting
Advanced Rune mages have also used their knowledge of magical symbols and their energies to quick cast spells in combat by drawing symbols into the ground. A skilled rune caster may pull off a spell in 30secs. The type of magic that can be casted this way is limited to simplistic element or spirit projectile magic as well as magical barriers and basic summons. However this spellcasting method is tricky for those who do not practice it..but it uses no mana! and is great in a pinch. Rune mages may alternatively draw magical symbols on their palm to quick cast spells at will. This type of casting is refered to as Tattoo magic. Powerful because the casting is instant but limited to 5 charges a day afterwards the energy within the symbol will recharge when the caster sleeps. IF the magical Tattoo is distorted or covered or removed the spell will not work! It is important to note that Ritual spells cannot be casted with symbol or Tattoo casting and that the types of magic available are limited to simplistic offensive, defensive, or summon magic

-Runes and Magical Symbol designs for knowledge and Tattoo designs though rare are hidden throughout Ansgar. Players may be able to find them on quests and adventures. Buying is also always an optionin Hammerstad but the selection will be poor and the prices never cheap
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Rune Magic
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