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 Cynthia Cross Jameson

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PostSubject: Cynthia Cross Jameson   Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:30 am

Jameson, Cynthia Cross

Limit Breaks

Player Character

Name: Cynthia Cross Jameson
Nickname: Cross
Gender: female
Visual Age:  19
Real Age: 21
Personality: Her personality is one very complex, for she is really 2 people. Cross her self is kind, caring, however, she is very emotionally, and mentally, distressed. 


Morgana (spirit):

Social Affiliation
Morality: Chaotic Neutral 

Character Type/Race: Elf-Soul possessed being (possessed by a corrupted)  
Country if Applicable: Draxia

Character Statistics

Strength:  5
Speed: 5
Stamina: 4
Charisma: 1
Mental Endurance: 2
Mana Source : 2
Magical Power: 6

Character History
Background: When Cross was born, no one knew what happened. She was found in the woods next to a small village of elves. They all assumed that her parents were murdered, or something had happened to them, for it was not in an elves nature to abandoned there young. However, keeping secrets isn't for elves either. Ever sense she was little, she knew that her parents had abandoned her. This partly being the cause for her emense depression, however, she always had an upbeat attitude. however, that was until she reached the age of 20. As she had just gotten married, her village was attacked. It was demon whos name was unknown at the time to the village. As this women killed, slaughtered, and practically tortured everyone in the village, Cross was all that was left. As she his in the rubble of an abandoned home, she was found by this women. The womens name was morgana. And she spoke to Cross about how much she needed a vestal. And that was it. How could Cross refuse? she hated her life, and everything about it, so she gave up her body. However, she expected her soul and mind to let go, and they didn't. Now they stay inside that body, tortured by Morgana day and night.

Family History: n/a (orphan sense birth)

Family Crest: n/a

Family Members: unknown

Theme Song 
Facing danger:


Alternate Profiles: n/a
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PostSubject: Re: Cynthia Cross Jameson   Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:58 am

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Cynthia Cross Jameson
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