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 Tarot Card Magic

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PostSubject: Tarot Card Magic   Mon May 20, 2013 2:08 pm

Tarot Card magic
More Rare then Rune magic but far newer to the world of Ansgar is Tarot Card magic. Mages imbue simplistic into cards and cast their spells through them. The effects can call upon the gods/goddesses for elemental/spiritual magic or target your opponents our allies with various effects to help bolster strength and magical ability or curse with silence and other status abnormalities. The cards can be used a total of 2-3 times a day then will have to regain their magical power overnight. The up side is this type of spellcasting costs no mana for the mage but the power of the spells which can be used is limited. There are many cards and casters will often carry a whole deck with different spells and effects to aid them in battle. A mischeivious type of magic used by trickster mages and theives.
((Since all cards will be custom made by the caster there is little point in posting even sample ones for the time being these cards can be created by a player and approved by a mod for use in game))
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Tarot Card Magic
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