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 Song Magic

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PostSubject: Song Magic   Mon May 20, 2013 2:07 pm

Song Magic
Much like the Hymn of Ucelle. Song magic is a type of casting that is difficult to master as it relies on the skill of the mages own voice. He or She must sing or perform songs and chants gracefully for the magic to work. Often used by Bards..and battle priestesses in war to bolster parties moral and abilities and curse and demoralize your enemies. This magical category belongs to the Goddess Ucelle who covets all things beautiful. Only the most skilled artists of song have been capable of casting this type of magic... otherwise the Goddess will not smile upon you. This type of magic can be resisted by individuals of a high mental fortitude ..
-Chant of the Valkyrie
If this battle song is peformed with true conviction the caster will glow with a heavenly light and have the appearance of having angel wings A Invigorating Warsong which bestows strength upon the caster and all of his/her allies. The party feels like victory is close at hand and adrenaline rushing through their viens. This song was used to keep up moral in long and length battles

-Dirge of Dread
A gothic chant which has a low and fearful sound to it. If performed correctly the caster eyes will glow black and a deathly visage of a reaper will appear floating above the caster with black shadowy tentacles reaching outwards to envelope the mages enemies. The song demoralizes the parties enemies with magical fear. Your foes have feelings of imminent death and hopelessness.

-Tune of the Tired
A slow softly sang lullaby to pacify the casters enemies making them feel tired and pacified. It is a great song for enemies with great rage and anger. The caster when performing the song correctly glows with a soft rainbow haze making them appear blurry to all their foes. It is a great magical song for escaping hostile situations.

-Song of Chaos
A tribal type of song chant which must be accompanied by wardrums but when performed with sincere passion
The caster appears to have a demonic crimson shadow and red glowing eyes. The song magic enchants all the casters enemies to succumb to an uncontrollable bloodlust killing friend and foe alike for as long as the song is performed skillfully

-Festival Ballad
A upbeat tune and song which is sung with a joyful heart. Often used by ancient tribal villages to bring up the moral of its festival attendees When performed with a joyful heart the mage will glow with a white aura seeming to sparkle to all who see him/her. This spell like Tune of the Tired is great for pacifying angry enemies

-Dance of the Dead
An ancient type of gothic dance and horrific chant performed by tribal villages long ago to summon their ancestor spirits and zombies. If the spell is performed with a haunting sound the caster skin will appear really pale and a strange mist will form at the mages feet. The magic has a random effect of calling a ghost or summoning an undead being to the vicinity. A deadly taboo.

-Dance of the Storm Pales
Another ancient tribal chant and dance used to call forth storms and rain for crops. If the Dance and chant can be performed with energetic vigor for a full 30mins a storm will start to form in the area of the caster. When being performed correctly the song mage will glow with a light blue aura. And the area around them will begin to feel damp.

-Seduction Sonata
A type of dance and song only capable of being casted by women. If performed with a passionate heart the caster will seem to glow with light hazey red aura and petals of flowers will appear to be flowing all around the mage. The magic is meant to entrance and seduce all of the targets in the area.. pacifying them as mindless zombies for a small period of time.

-Passage of the Gods
A ancient Hymn from long ago. A hymn performed when all the gods were not in the divine war... it pays homage and respect to all the gods. If sung with a true heart and meaniful soul the caster will glow with a brillant shining light and feel mana surge through them. The spell when performed with true feeling will grant the caster and all of his/her allies magical boosts to their own powers and access to all the gods spells within their skill level. It invigorates and refreshes the party refilling their mana and making their power to feel overflowing. A difficult to perform Hymn which only the most skilled artists have ever pulled off correctly.
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Song Magic
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