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 Death Magic (Necromancy)

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PostSubject: Death Magic (Necromancy)   Mon May 20, 2013 2:06 pm

Even black mages have their limits. Those that tread beyond those limits are known as deathmages or necromancers. Rare in this world...and hunted and feared these anarchists use their unholy talents to attain true understanding of life and death...and control over it.
A more unexplored category of black magic. an unknown force alongside Xyleth governs this dark category
-Mold/Meld Bone
: a magic which allows the necromancer to shape and mold bone (only of the dead and deceased) and even make small weapons and armor out of it
given if there is enough remains. it has no special properties its still just bone. The meld portion of the spell can be used to construct
armor or even exoskeleton which to meld onto corpse constructs to create larger more deadly and inhuman zombies

-Curse to hell and back (direct 10 second eye contact or touch)
This spell sends the target on a mental and emotional trip through the darkest corners of
their mind. In a span of only a few seconds the victim will experience every loss he or she
has ever felt and every pain he or she has ever inflicted. The spell is brief and Its only purpose is to make your opponent tremble with fear

-Wear the face of another
This grotesque ritual allows the necromancer to quickly remove the skin from the face or
entire head (hair included) from the skull of a corpse and magically adhere it to his own
The face of the dead victim appears natural and alive as if it were the mages real face.
The voice and memories remain that of the necromancer. The spell lasts as long as the mage can
endure and when the spell ends the face literally melts and peels off in a horrific display.

-Object read the dead
This spell allows the necromancer to divine about the dead through contact with their corpse
It allows the caster to see the victims last moments of life and their last thoughts and
the length of time the victim or animal has been dead.

-Augmentation with additional appendages
This power enables the necromancer to temporarily attach additional limbs of dead creatures
people or animals to his own body and animate them as if they were part of him. The death
mage can attach as many as three additional or arms or two pairs of legs. a pair of wings
a tail or any other combination there of. the spell will last as long as the mage's mana will allow

-Transfer life force
This spell allows the necromancer to transfer his life force into skeletons corpses zombies mummies and even puppets
like a robot. The inhabited body has all the mental and physical abilities of the caster however
magic cannot be casted from within the vessel. The body is dead so its immune to disease, hunger,
fatigue, pain, gases drugs, heat or cold. However the sense of smell is lost and touch about half
vision and hearing are provided by mystic means and if the body is destroyed it is no big deal
the spirit merely returns to the original casters body and the spell may be casted again. However the casters real body must be safely stored
during this process. It is a great spell to spy, confuse or intimidate the enemy.

-Grip of Death
much like shadow snap this spell causes multiple skeleton hands to erupt from the ground
and attempt to hold victims in the spell range for 1 minute in place or horrify and distract the opponents.
It is more of an aesthetic form of distraction if nothing else. The hands fade away when the spell
duration is up and are easily dispelled by white magic

-Oblivions Embrace: (Aura)
An aura that calls forth many dark spirits and souls from the netherworld which envelope the caster increasing his her Black magic and summoning capabilities temporarily, the casters foes can see the spiritual energies which flow around him/her and a faint blueish green flame which emanate from the sorcerer. In addition the caster is embodied by the very feelings of malice death and suffering and gives all opponents in a 10 meter radius around him a cold feeling of despair dread and death. This spells main weakness is that it can be dispelled by spirit or holy magic easily.

-Bone Wall:
Using Necro magic the dark wizard improves on the basics of bone manipulation spells to create near instant bone structures on which to block out enemies or provide some little resistance against enemy spell attack. The walls that can be formed are fairly small 20 feet long by 8 feet tall maximum and have a demonic spiny and hellish appearance to them. The spell lasts as long as the caster is in the area or until dispelled or destroyed. It is however still just bone and as such fairly easy to destroy with magic or physical attack.

-Mortal Veil (Aura)
An unearthly life sapping aura radiates from the death mage which rots the herbal plant life and food that the caster touches. If the caster touches another living creature it feels drained and cold. A simple spell with no mere purpose then to horrify and to better attune the caster with the energies of death and spirit. Aesthetic for most intimidation purposes...but not suited for battle.

-Spiritual unravel
mastering the flow of energies between the realm of life and death with great practice a death mage may alter their corporeal form to be partially present in reality and the astral plane. It gives the caster a white glimmering but faded appearance. The ability vastly increases the caster's mana and minimalizes damage done by physical weapons and attacks by 50%! but the target is vulnerable on both realms a powerful spell if used
correctly... otherwise it is a deadly double edged sword.

Seperating themselves further from the bonds of life...a true death mage takes another step beyond being a living creature. With true arcane understanding of how to bond a soul to a body The caster severely strengthens that bond which holds his/her soul to their own body allowing them to seem far more like a demon..and operate their own body with wounds that would normally be fatal. Missing an arm, leg...or even half a face regardless of the blood left. The caster operates on soul energy alone. A secret technique which has brought necromancers one step closer to the ultimate goal of immortality. The spell is usually saved as an act of desperation during a battle and used in time of great peril to allow the caster to stand alive in circumstances that would detach the soul from the body. While using this magic a caster may still attack and fight as normal with spells in their arsenal regardless of the condition of the corpse their soul inhabits.If the body is destroyed completely the soul is lost!!.Under circumstances were the soul has a body However and this spell is deactivated. A caster should always recover their corpses condition to a living or healthy state or find a new suitable soulless body.. ...otherwise... the soul will be LOST to the astral realm and the caster will be no more. This ability cannot be sustained forever it is still very draining and in the Best cases...48hrs is as long as a caster can keep up the energy needed to hold their soul. A powerful black ability for which failure to use carefully comes with the ultimate price.

-Chaos legion: (Greater undead)
using the knowledge of the spirits and realm of life and death the necromancer significantly strengthens the undead spell making its new version Chaos legion. Creating resistances to holy magic/ spiritualist attacks which would normally easily dispel or obliterate the undead. The zombie spirit which inhabits them are far more complete and can talk and follow more complex battle strategies. Types of undead may also specifically be called Mage, Warrior, Archer and Rogue. The blood lust and battle capabilities are stronger as well depending on the necromancer's magic strength. However the biggest downside is the astral signature is much stronger and easier to detect by both other mages and the spiritual. Also even though they have resistances to white and spiritual magics they are still very weak against them.

-Summon Wraiths:
With a greater understanding of the astral plane the Necromancer uses his dark powers to call forth ghostly apparitions, Astral beings embodied with malicious human souls these beasts take upon the appearance of reapers which cut down their foes and blast them with low level astral energies,// They have some resistance to regular magic and physical attacks do not work on them however ,Astral spells are amazingly effective against them.

-Abomination: (zombie construct required)
Using Dark power The necromancers black arts imbue a strong soul with magical capabilities and
create a zombie giant who possesses black magic with white magic resistance and the shadow walk ability. It can be a massive body creation which differs in appearance depending on it construction and as such only ONE can be summoned at any given time. This is an enforcer meant to take on a whole fortress or city. Its very high astral sign will attract attention of friend and foe alike

-Arise The Fallen: (Ritual)
This spell is the pinnacle of the Craft of Necromancy A true masterpiece that only the most
legendary of sorcerers can even accomplish. Through a complete (Several hour) ceremony a soul is recalled back to its original body (which you need) and The body is brought back and even granted immortality from his or her state of death! They do not rot..but are dead. The person comes back with all their knowledge and skills once had in life but they are bound to serve the caster. This spell is dangerous though because a truly cunning soul can break free of its commanding bonds and turn on the master. A full and complete zombie it is the necromancers best servant creation spell.

-True Resurrection
Necromancers can use the advanced understanding of the borders of life and death to call back a lost soul to its former body and return the deceased to life once more.The only aid spell in the Necromancers repertoire Its seems odd but originally it was why the dark art was first explored to bring back those loved who were lost to death.This one spell is the
whole reason necromancy began. However this spell has its limits to even the most experienced in the art. The deceased can only have been dead for
up to 72 hours.

-Soul Protector:
A arcane protection spell using soul energy while this exhausts the necromancers reserves the spell is
great for protection from all kinds of magic. The spell forms a giant glowing arcane magic circle which covers the casters front shielding him from magical attack. Three big draw backs is the spell can only cover the front! of the caster and its strength to run the spell is based on the necromancers soul energy reserves as well as it CANNOT protect against physical attack.

-Soul Destroyer
A projectile blast as strong as a Fireball, This magical blast is composed of damned and hateful soul energy shaped in the menacing appearance of a large glowing greenish blue screaming skull, The attack hits both physical and astral planes and is powerful enough to destroy a home in a single shot It is a fiercesome spell to behold

-Death's Pillar (legendary necromancy spell)
Calling forth the fathomless seas of Black The Necromancer can let loose the flood gates of Xyleths Nether realm to form a gigantic pillar of Soul energy which is constructed of screaming demonic faces. The giant soul tornado is roughly the size of a city and ascends into the clouds. It spins violently attacking all physical/astral life within its boundaries ( When the spell Dissipates the lost Souls Funnel into a void in the sky which fades away. However like any other large area attack spell it is VERY lengthy to cast and leaves the mage widely open to attack

-Dark Awakening:
Duration: Permanent
When Necromancers achieve all knowledge and skills that their mortal coil will allow they move
onward to understand what life cannot teach them beginning their ascendancy as True Evil mages. They must complete a series of dark rituals and if they are successful they die and the body is Reborn as a lich forever changed. As a Immortal Evil spirit The necromancer is now far stronger then ever before a self made demon lord now having
a body which can only be destroyed on both the astral and physical plain. They can now change body appearance and travel the astral and physical plains with ease and wield their magic effortlessly. However at this level the mage's astral signal becomes very powerful and you get all the attention that comes with the power. Downside is you can never go back to being a living creature as you once were you are forever changed foreign to Ansgar and the Gods.
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Death Magic (Necromancy)
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