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 Black Magic (Darkness)

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PostSubject: Black Magic (Darkness)   Mon May 20, 2013 2:06 pm

Black Magic (Darkness):
Often associated with the Goddess of Darkness Xyleth most spells call forth upon her powers and energies to commit atrocities, raise the dead and summon other evils, Curse others , manipulate Darkness and similar effects.
-Shadow snare
A spell which allows the user to manipulate thier own shadow or the shadows of inanimate objects within a 30 foot range to grab and magically ensnare others holding them in place. It is a simple spell which can be easily dispelled by light. advanced versions of this spell breed multiple targets allowing one individual to hold a whole room at their mercy.

-Black hand
A deadly variation of Shadow manipulation spell Shadow snare where the casters shadow becomes warped...and can extend attack other targets shadows.. Damage reflected on the shadow appears on the corporeal form. Its deadly advanced form is capable of removing opponents limbs. The spell though powerful is easily dispelled by light.

- The Black Road(Shadow walk)
The caster may use shadows to travel to any other shadow in eyesight traversing Xyleths nether realm to do so.The teleportation is near instant, And the higher the skill level of the mage the greater the distance that may be travelled. In higher levels the mage may create the shadows making them capable of traveling to any distance withing eyesight but the longer the teleportation range the bigger the strain on the mage.

-Xyleth's Kiss
Curses an individual within eyesight who eyes bleed over with black shadow for 10 minutes seeing nothing but blackness..and hearing nothing but demonic voices screams of agony.. it is a terrifying spell rendering one foe helpless.

-Shadow form
The caster covers himself/herself in black miasma which hides their physical form giving them the appearance of a shadow demon consisting of black flame. While within this state the caster uses Xyleths dark powers to bolster thier own black magic capability as well as have a greater effect against beings of good nature. The downside is you also are twice as susceptable to holy magic.

-Summon Nightshade
The caster may call forth a minor denizen of Xyleth's realm, a shadow demon to do its bidding. The being exists on both the plane of reality and the spirit realm and follows simple tasks of the caster. In higher levels more shadows may be summoned but these simple low level demons are hugely vulnerable to holy magic and CANNOT exist in the daytime.

-Oblivion Dance
Creates a dome of blackness over a living creature and crushes it from existence. its can only target one at a time. This spell though terrible in power is easy enough to counter with most magic shields and stronger fighters can outright battle the effect.

-Call forth Nightwalker
Allows the advanced caster in black magic to summon and control a vampire from Xyleth's realm. At higher levels more may be summoned but controlling vampires takes a high level of black magic capability and understanding they are dangerous creatures also capable of black magic! so the caster must be well the caster runs the risk of being biten and turned into a vampire it is high stakes!... Vampires all in all are powerful skilled allies who if kept under proper control can aid a black mage greatly.

-Macabre Call
This sinister ritual takes a random demon from the Nether Realm of Xyleth..and places the foul creature at the casters commands for 1 warned after that time it will regain its free will and likely kill its summoner.. unless its goals are yours of course.A true demon of Xyleth's realm is a terrible being capable of extreme intelligence and desires nothing but death and destruction. It exists on both planes of reality and the spirit realm and is weak against holy magic. Still a powerful opponent containing powerful magical energy flight, and teleportation. They are not to be trifled with.
It is essentially inviting evil into the world of Ansgar. Many have tricked mages with promises of immortality gold or riches.

-Lance of Darkness
This spell creates a simple long stream of black energy which corrupts and destroys killing all good hands it comes into contact with. The spell can be wielded like a weapon which can cut through regular weaponry or Tossed as a one time projectile causing a small black explosion. Only damages good or neutral creatures, this low level spell has no effect on evil creatures or undead
advanced versions of this spell can be thrown as multiple black shards like throwing knives.

-Night's rebirth
This spell allows the caster to raise the dead in the vicinity.. it magically embues lesser souls and spirits from Xyleth's realm into corpses for the caster to command. The undead are basic and can only follow simple commands and weak against white magic. The amount a caster can summon and control depends on skill of the caster.

Void Dawn
Xyleth's Black power is summoned forth to create a well of Darkness which draws your Target inwards towards the magic spells core. It visually appears as a large black orb emanating pulses of Darkness. A miniature black hole which crushes enemies inwards. Though not a very strong offensive spell it is visually frightening. In its Advanced form this magic becomes truly scary as the night goddess herself... being able to crush not just the target but the area around the target into a blackhole if the caster is strong enough in black magic.... the spell is a huge strain to keep active.

-Vile Wind or Death Cloud
Manifesting blackened energies of death, malice, and pestilence the caster conjures a giant dark cloud which envelopes a 50ft radial sphere for 2 deadly minutes. The life within is rotted away slowly . Victims caught within this spell for even a short time become very sick. It is possible to even affect the caster if they are to close. this deadly spell must be used with extra care.

-Obsidian end
A (legendary spell) which calls upon Xyleths most powerful energies combining them into a intense large blade of magical energy which appears as a large stream of dark flame the mage can wield to cut through almost anything. It is incredibly powerful and as such can be maintained for at most 30 seconds by even the worlds most skilled mages. The powerful magic is so strong the spell has a drawback ... the casters lifespan is shortened considerably..and their mind..slowly tainted by evil. a heavy price for power. The dreaded king of Draxia is rumored to have used this powerful arcana.
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Black Magic (Darkness)
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