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 White Magic (Holy)

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PostSubject: White Magic (Holy)   Mon May 20, 2013 2:04 pm

White Magic(Holy):
A powerful category bolstered by the two main good forces of Ansgar ROR and Ucelle add a healthy complement of spells designed to both heal and empower as well as vanquish evil. Divine magic can help a mage cure diseases,poisons, charm , Through the holy might of ROR obliterate the scourge of evil with holy beams of justice!

-Light of ROR
A powerful healing and enchanting spell which creates the illusion of waves of light emanating from the sky and heals the caster and all his allies in the area. The spell also bolsters the courage of all good beings in the vicinity. Blessed by ROR victory is assured!! A spell which only the most skilled of clerics and Grantz are capable of.

-Ucelles Light
A touch healing spell which shines with a bright violet light and gives off the illusion effect of flower petals around a target as their wounds magically seal and their vigor returns

-Smile of the love goddess
A basic spell which through touch calms the target and removes aggression. It is an oddly mischevious spell which in the past has been used for manipulation to obtain information or even control.

-Ucelles Hymn (required to sing)
This spell must be sung...and well to work... So far in Ansgar only priestesses of the Goddess have voices beautiful enough to call upon her for this magic. A magical barrier is placed upon the caster and his/hers allies with a beautiful angelic effect which gives off the appearance of ghostly Divine armor on the spells targets shielding them from offensive magic. (specifically black) and bolstering their own white magic strength. A truly amazing spell.This legendary magic was only seen in use three times in the past.

-Star light
A simple lighting spell which forms a orb of magical
artificial light that illuminates a 30ft area...very effective to use for cave or dungeon exploration..and so easy to cast your grandma could.

-Banish Evil ( Roar of the lion god)
A simple and powerful spell which calls upon the fearsome visage of ROR. The caster appears to the evil or undead as having a furious lionhead and the bright symbol of ROR himself shines floating before you like a beacon of warding... making all lesser undead like skeletons or zombies disintegrate in its mighty presence...while stronger evil like Vampires and demons flee in magical fear.

-Divine Refuge
A unique enchantment which calls upon both ROR and Ucelle to embue their powers of protection into a building which in turn keeps the location safe from Evil beings for a full 24hours! The more skilled the mage the bigger the building that may be enchanted.

-Judgement of the lion
A beam which combines the Grace and might of ROR into a holy pillar which fires from the casters hand in a large projectile which disintegrates all evil it contacts. The spell requires ALOT of mana to cast and its range and ability are severly limited to the mages skill level. This magical blast cannot hurt beings of Good or Neutral alignment and the blast damages no inanimate objects.. Only evil beings are susceptable to its mighty and terrible power. An example of the divine grace and might of Ansgar\'s creator.

-Evil bane Arrow
A much smaller holy beam projectile created by Ucelle and primarily used by her holy priestess knights. This spell in its weaker form fires golden lances of magical energy to damage and kill evil creatures or undead. A skilled mage in this spell can fire the spell like a projectile beam appearing as a pillar of golden light which blasts through the unjust.

-Holy Essence (divine armor)
A powerful spell which calls upon the magnificent god ROR for magical armor of the holy element. This magic ethereal armor is weightless and shines with divine energy offering supreme protection against evil black magic. Lower undead and shadows will flee at the casters presence. The appearance of the armor is that of a holy crusader with ghostly wings the style is slightly also reflective of the casters personality. This spell is highly mentally draining on the caster can be maintained at most for 5 mins at first. Supreme white magic users can sustain such magic making them powerful enemies of evil.

-Ucelles embrace
A mischievious charm spell created by the love goddess for her own amusement. It gives the caster a certain aura of general attractiveness to the opposite sex... they seem to sparkle with intrigue and catch the eyes of all in their path. The strength of this little troublemaking spell is definitely reliant on the mages skill in white magic.

-Breath of Ucelle
A healing spell created to cure diseases whose capability to remove illnesses is directly related to the casters magic capability in holy power.

-Pride of the lion
The caster calls forth the might of ROR to erupt in a large burst of white magic that visually appears as a holy aura around the caster which explodes with a tower of divine energy damaging all enemies in the area . The spell then stays as a aura giving the mage a ghostly presence with flowing energy and white glowing eyes. The powerful energies weakens evil creatures and undead in the vicinity and fortifies the casters protection against all offensive magic. A powerful and difficult spell to cast

-Call Forth the Divine
A legendary spell said only to be known by the most powerful of white magic users in Ansgar. The spell summons servants of ROR and Ucelle hailing from their holy domain . Angelic Beings with humanoid appearance wings and glowing white eyes. These angels wear Medieval golden rune armor and carry glowing holy weapons and will fight with merciless conviction to destroy all the unjust and evil beings within the Area to protect the caster and their party. The Angels will immediately then heal the mage and their allies with a mysterious holy light and disappear through a magical golden gate. Use of such powerful and holy magic has been accused by the temple of ROR as a blasphemy against ROR/Ucelle . This powerful magic is kept hidden deep within the convines of ROR\'s largest and most holy temple.

-Holy fist of Justice!
Charge your fists with the mighty holy energy of ROR and pummel evil! bolstered with divine magic your punches do critical damage to the undead and evil beings. It is not the most practical of holy magic that exists but is a highly favored spell of the god who provides it. While active the mages hands appear to be glowing white shining orbs. This spell does not effect creatures of a good alignment.
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White Magic (Holy)
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