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 Spirit Magic (Shamanistic)

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PostSubject: Spirit Magic (Shamanistic)   Mon May 20, 2013 2:03 pm

Spirit Magic (Shamanistic)
A category which has no real god or goddess to govern it spells created have all been designed to further ones connection to the spirit realm ,ability to travel in it , summon spirits themselves, and detect unnatural disturbances in the spiritual energies. A useful and underappreciated category. This spell category relies on a casters spirit energy or the energy of souls around him

-Afterlife Aura
This allows the caster to listen to and see ghosts even if no one else can. visually the caster will have a slight spectral glow to their body but it has no effect other then to deal with spirits the down side to this it summons more spirits as well giving an appearance to onlookers that the caster is insane!

-Spiritual shield
A visually impressive spell which summons a white elaborate glowing magic circle at the casters feet. As well a large half visible ghostly orb which covers their body. The caster can walk and fight with this magic shield active. It is a Very powerful Spell shield able to null out the power of most magic attacks by 90% however! The caster is completely vulnerable to physical attack. A good ol arrow can still be certain doom !

This ghostly spell allows the caster to project their image over great distances to deliver information... it is a very useful way to deliver information but terrifying as well

-Spirit Disrupt
A powerful spell which can rip a apart a soul from a living creature...attacking it from the astral side. The chances are even more less likely for success against a powerful opponent. It may work on small creatures, ghosts and goblins but Humanoid creatures and above would require legendary skill to even damage with this spell.

-Soul Divider
A spell which embues a weapon with the ability to fight astral or netherworld beings which in normal cases could not. The magic surrounds the casters weapon glowing a shiny but ethereal white. At stronger levels this spell is possible to make injured ghosts and spirit beings stay visible for a limited time when cut.

-Rift Blade
This projectile spell appears like a blade of light blue energy that slices at high speeds towards a target.fired from the casters hand. the damage is minimal but it damages both physical and spiritual planes. An expert in this magic spell can create visible tears in the physical and spirit realm for a short while.

-Spirit Ray
This magic has the appearance of a laser like blue projectile beam which has the ability to damage anything with a soul.. but living creatures take very little damage However this spell is very damaging to ghosts and spirits.

This risky spell allows the caster to walk fully in the spirit realm for as long as his/ her mana will allow. The nether realms are dangerous containing warped structures and no sure way to know where your is also inhabited by strange spirits and ghosts who will be attracted to you like a magnet during your visit... a powerful and risky spell like diving into hell head first.
Skilled Spirit walkers can travel safely through these realms

-Call the dead (Ritual)
Summons a specific soul of an individual from beyond... it requires a belonging of the deceased and it is a time consuming and lengthy spell with a higher chance of success with more casters.

-Spirit Wall
A powerful spell which allows a caster who has true understanding of the astral plane to stop spellcasting within a area creating a seperation field. No spells may be casted by regular beings. The magic is so strong that only gods could cast spells within this effects parameters. However while this amazing effect is active
the caster must rely on his/her combat abilities to win a fight. It stops magic which calls upon the gods energy but such a spell also requires extreme concentration so can only be held at most for 5 mins

-Sense Souls
Spiritualist magic which allows one to sense the lifes of creatures pocessing souls within 20km.. At advanced levels this detect life spell can be used to divine about a particular soul known to the caster and if they are within the range of magic will be detected!

-Spirit Assault
Summons nearby low level Spirits to materialize and attack a target with ghostly energy. At higher levels of the spell many more spirits appear and stay for a longer period of time attacking all the casters targets. It is far more damaging to other spirits and ghost beings then living ones.
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Spirit Magic (Shamanistic)
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