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 Azeal Tyvren

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Azeal Tyvren


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PostSubject: Azeal Tyvren   Sat Jun 08, 2013 1:44 pm

Tyvren, Azeal


Player Character
Name: Azeal Kalen Tyvren
Nickname: Az
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 14
Real Age: 16
He is often quiet, only talking when someone speaks to him or generally wants to know something.When does decide to talk, he speaks in a fluent human tongue with a slight Draconian accent.Although he doesn't seem like the type to fight, he has the attitude of a seasoned fighter and is not afraid to show it. Around women he becomes more shy, often resulting in him trying to find something to say to end the awkwardness. Focused and relaxed, Azeal always keeps his calm no matter what the situation and will never show any signs of giving up.



Social Affiliation
Morality Neutral
Character Type/Race: Dragon
Country if Applicable: Mertuil

Character Statistics

Strength: 6
Speed: 4
Stamina: 5    
Charisma:  4
Mental Endurance: 3
Mana Source : 2
Magical Power: 1

Character History
Azeal was born to the race of dragons that made their home in the deserts of Mertuil. He was the third child of a long line dragons that could keep a human form, much like his father before him. Being the youngest child after his sister whom was fourteen at the time of his birth, he was taken care of her while his mother went to work. His childhood was nothing special and as he came upon the age of five, he would go on to train his chosen element-lightning. His life continued normally until he mastered his training, but he wanted more out of life. Bent on finding out what the outside world was like, he grabbed his bags and left to become a wanderer of the world.
Family History:
The Tyvren Dragon family originated in the deserts of Mertuil, and is one of the current dragon families to house offspring that can not only use multiple elements, but also maintain a constant human form. The Tyvren first came to the desert before it was inhabited by the many and numerous people that now live in it, sticking to the area where the sandstorms constantly raged around their homes. It was underground where their roots were first planted. The first Tyvren elder dedicated his life to finding a solution to remain in a constant human form without the signs of being a dragon would shoe, something no dragon has ever accomplished. They were determined to find the key to being able to be able to walk amongst the other races, even if it meant suppressing their powers. Decades turned into centuries until the previous Tyvren Elder found the key he was looking for through an old book found in the ancient libraries of his ancestors. Now the Tyvren family walks in their underground home as dragons except for a few who born that way or were taken through the ritual of dragons to receive this blessing.

Family Crest:

Family Members:
Azura Tyvren- Sister
Alzur Tyvren- Father
Tiamel Tyvren- Mother

Theme Song

Alternate Profiles:
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PostSubject: Re: Azeal Tyvren   Sat Jun 08, 2013 2:46 pm

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Azeal Tyvren
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