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 Fire (Chaos) Magic

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PostSubject: Fire (Chaos) Magic   Mon May 20, 2013 2:01 pm

Fire Magic:
As wild and hard to control as the Fire Goddess herself. This category also shares colossal destructive spells by the unstoppable destroyer Galgamorth. Magic of the flame element is truly Powerful...but it is likewise a double edged sword capable of destroying much of what one is trying to save in the heat of battle.
Volvagia's staple fire attack spell The caster lobs a large projectile of fire from his/her hands which explodes on contact with the target. small versions of this spell will light a creature or small furniture on fire...large versions can blow up a house... all in all it is still an excellent easy to use offensive spell

-Fists of the Fury goddess
Enchant your fists with magical fire of the goddess Volvagia and attack your opponents without mercy. The casters hands will burn with a fiery magical flame which cannot harm the caster. At higher levels the caster may also fire flame stream projectiles from their glowing hands to roast enemies to perfection.

-Death Geyser
A spell which calls upon the destructive Galgamorth using his chaotic magic to cause the ground in multiple areas to erupt and crack forth with huge pillars of lava! the results of the spell is almost always Catastrophic usually killing friend and foe alike.

-Volvagia's Rage
A terrifying spell which causes the target to burst into flames. The magical fire usually lasts about 1 min but in that short time manages irrepairable damage to the target. Experienced mages can roast a target to ash.

A simple spell which enchants your sword with the fire element. The weapon glows with a furious magical fire Advanced versions of this spell allow the caster to shoot small fireballs with each swing of the enchanted blade.

-Crimson Destruction
The caster floats upwards with red glowing eyes and creates a pure red orb of magical energy which shields him/her and spreads outwards like a terrifying sun The powerful magical orb disintegrates all it comes in contact with leaving the caster safe within. When the horrifying spell comes to its conclusion a 60ft square area is nothing but a charred crater. This spell requires a large amount of mana and is lengthy to cast. Another terrible arcana brought to this land by Galgamorth

-Wall of Defiance
The caster calls upon Volvagia's flames to create a magical wall of heat which stops the advance of enemies and boil those foolish enough to enter it. But the real terrifying element of this spell is advanced fire mages may control the fire wall and have it brush over a field or small battalion frying them to a crisp.

-Anarchy Horn
Galgamorths Chaotic nature is called forth to enchant your targets with uncontrollable rage and battlelust.. to the point the enchanted cannot distinguish from friend or foe.

-Lava speaker
This deadly magic from Volvagia allows the mage to manipulate lava and fire provided there are sources nearby..if no sources are available magic fire can be made at greater mana expense....this magic requires careful training and percision carelessness can lead to chaos..and dead allies..but effective use can make the mage a powerful and fearsome opponent.

-Desolation Cannon
A mage of legendary talent can call upon Galgamorth's energy to unleash a giant crimson beam of chaotic destruction
it takes a full uninterrupted minute to complete the chant..and cast the spell of true doom but upon completion a large blast fires forth from a magical floating seal which appears bearing the great destroyers symbol.. The beam travels fast tearing up the ground with its uncontrollable energy and when it collides with the intended target vaporizes it in a gigantic explosion big enough to level a large town and leave a enormous smoking crater. there is less than a hand full of mages who have even attempted this spell..and to most knowledge of such magic immediatly brands you..a threat to all of lorccan. It is said that everytime this terrible spell has been cast.. a link in the chain that binds Galgamorth from the world of Ansgar is broken..

-Fire spike
A nasty spell suiting the chaotic nature of Volvagia which creates fire solidified peices of lavarock with razor sharp burning tips and shoots them down from the sky like deadly rain which explode in small charges of power upon a unsuspecting group of targets... a powerful group attack spell
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Fire (Chaos) Magic
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